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Travel Australia with AusEmade
Check out our following advertising options:
  • A 'basic listing' is free under our 'single minimal listing'2.
  • A free listing (basic listing) is from one to two lines of text (should be no more than 200 characters, or 40 words) that should include your business name, address, phone, email and web address, with a brief description.1
  • See Option 1 for adding your logo into your free listing, a popular choice for making your listing stand out.
  • Or our Special Deal combo (Option 2) - combine your logo in a boxed listing to make your listing jump off the page.
Want your own web page• Click here to check out our special deal.

To view some AusEmade promotion examples, click here...

Upgrade Listing Options (select any one or combination of options):
  1. Logo Option3: to have your logo added, with your free single minimal listing will
    cost $70 per annum.
    Special Deal: combining option 1 and option 3 will only cost $100 per annum (saving of $30).

$70 per annum

  1. Box Option: to box the listing will cost $110 per annum.

    This is an inexpensive option to promote your business/services to the world.
    To include your logo in the boxed option will normally cost $170 per annum.

    Special Deal
    : combining option 1 and option 2, will only cost $150 per annum (saving of $30).

    For larger box listings, click here for details...

$110 per annum

  1. Listing 3 Pack: we place a 'basic listing' on three different pages. For example: if you were running a tour business such as caving, you would be listed on the appropriate (1) town page, relevant (2) Tours page for your state/territory, and the (3) Caving page. This increases your exposure on our site, and will give your business a higher profile, targeting people with specific interest who are browsing those pages.

$100 per annum

  1. Combo 123: you can have a basic listing across three pages, with your business logo and boxed. This will cost $200 per annum.

    Special deal
    to combine option 1, 2 and 3. The cost will be $170 per annum (saving of $30).

$200 per annum

  1. Sponsor: to have your business name, with link back to your own website as a sponsor on a page ie Bell's Line of Road page cost $200 per page per annum.

    If you provided the content for a new page cost can be slashed from as little as $100 per page per annum.

    Please note that other business can also sponsor the same page. Prices vary based on the type of page. (Ausemade retains the rights to modify any content and to use the content in any way we see fit within the site and in any promotional aspect.)

$100 - $1000 per annum

  1. Banner Option 1: placement cost per page 468x60, 234x60, 180x45, 120x60 per annum (client must provide banner). (More info.) (Click here to view vertical banners.)

$100 - $200 per month

  1. Banner Creation: to create the banner will cost $150 for a STATIC banner (this does not include the placement of the banner).

    Special Deal: combining option 6 and option 7, we will reduce the total cost by 10%.


  1. Want your own web page? Click here to check out our special deal.
  1. Travel Articles: Our 'Travel Articles' section is one of a number of great ways to provide some interesting information to travellers, as well as promoting your services, especially with the popular 'text link' option. Click here to find out more...


To receive or upgrade your Free Listing add your details here.

If purchasing an upgrade Option, detail the number or special you would like to purchase.
Please include your business name, details of your current listing if applicable or new listing details.
Include a current web address if possible, and don't forget your contact information.

AusEmade will be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange payment
and implementation of your listing and additional options as requested.

Thank you

NB All prices are per page, unless specified otherwise.
  All free listings are at the discretion of AusEmade.
1 AusEmade reserves the right to edit free listings.
2 Free listing placements do not apply to home pages or main entry pages (including AusEmade home page, states/territories home page, main accommodation/attraction or categories pages).
3 Icon image size are restricted to a maximum of 45 pixels high to 150 pixels wide (check our options for costs).

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