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In addition to the basic small boxed text link promotions, we offer a number of other options for advertisers.

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• This promotion appears in box, as a paid advertisement and usually appears at the bottom of the main text on a variety of pages. Contact us for with details of the text and the page you want it to appear on for the monthly/annual rate.

Travel Article
• These are 'travel-related articles' of up to 500 words (provided by you), including up to 5 text links (negotiable). We retain all editorial control and the right to decline the article. The article appears in our popular Travel Article section, that is linked from a number of other popular pages throughout AusEmade. Rates vary per article per month (other conditions may apply).

1. Basic Text Link Examples
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 We offer a variety of text link advertisement
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2. Large Boxed Para Example
Located in outback NSW on the world's richest deposit of black opal, Lightning Ridge is a place that abounds with colourful characters, barrels of dreams, opportunity and experiences! A visit to this thriving outback community and the opal fields surrounding it will not disappoint. It is a place with many unique attractions from the multi award winning BLACK QUEEN Experience, a unique 3 Act Play of Outstanding Outback Theatre with a twist; the Walk in Mine is an authentic underground experience of a myriad of shafts and ballrooms; Bottle House is a unique structure and an intriguing example of innovative architecture; and the unique sense of humour to be found in the colourful outback masterpieces at John Murray's Art Gallery.
Rates vary per size of paragraph/number of text links. Send us the details and what page you are considering for a quote.
3. Travel Articles
Articles are hosted within our 'Travel Article' section. Most articles are under 500 words with up to 5 text links to 'travel-related sites'. Rates vary per article, costing as little as $100 to $300 per month (other conditions apply). Cost is negotiable for multiple articles and for extended periods that the article runs. Follow this link for more information on  'Travel Article'.

You can view other travel articles on both our AusEmade websites for Australia and New Zealand. Conditions apply for accepting travel-related articles:

  • AusEmade retain all editorial control, with the right to edit an article.
  • AusEmade retain all rights to decline any articles.
  • where articles are posted for an indefinite period, we expect you to advise us of any 'articles' that need to be updated or removed.
  • Any linking text within the articles must be travel and tourism related.
  • We reserve the rights to where we publish the articles within our family of AusEmade websites and the layout, unless otherwise negotiated.
  • We reserve the right to have our own advertising and links appearing on the same page, unless otherwise negotiated.
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