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AusEmade RSS feed

AusEmade aims to provide a rich list of RSS feeds relating to the tourism and travel industry in Australia and around the world.

What is an RSS feed?
A feed, also commonly referred to as RSS feed, XML feed, syndicated content, or web feed is content that is frequently updated and published by a website.

Feed is content that is often related to news and blog websites, although it can be used for other types of digital content.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (Netscape) or Really Simple Syndication (Userland Software)  or sometimes it is known as RDF Site Summary, and refers to the technology used in creating feeds.

What formats do feeds come in?
The most common formats are Atom and RSS, most being constantly updated. All web feed use a data format based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). The format is widely used by bloggers and news content sites to syndicate their thoughts and articles on a frequently or daily basis to their thousands of subscribers.

For a detailed history on the RSS format and how you can use it check out Mark Pilgrims What Is RSS?.

News aggregators or RSS Readers are used to subscribe to these RSS feeds allowing you the user to access hundreds of websites quickly and efficiently to scan headlines that might be of interest without having to load the web site in a browser. If you see something of interest you can instantly view the entire story within the reader or within your web browser.

We have started syndicating our own web updates and news items to people interested in getting the low down on new content added each day to AusEmade and new features planned for AusEmade.

Subscribe to RSS Feed
To subscribe to our RSS Feed, from within your browser right click this RSS graphic AusEmade RSS feed and select the 'copy shortcut' in Internet Explorer or 'copy link location' in Firefox option. Then open your news aggregator software see list of aggregators and add it to the software. Then each time we update our feed you will be notified in your aggregator with a short article and the option to find out more if it interests you.

Download an RSS Reader
There are a number of RSS readers available online that web users can download free of charge. Google phased out their old reader for a Google Reader unified interface look.

If you are unfamiliar with RSS, we suggest the following readers:

Just follow their download and installation instructions.

Email us to add your RSS feed.


RSS Travel and Tourism Feeds

AusEmade AusEmade RSS feed Add to Google
AusEmade web updates, developments, new partners and any other AusEmade news fit to print.
Aardvark Travel Forums Christian Science Monitor Travel
One of the best and friendliest travel forum on the Internet.
Australian Holidays Christian Science Monitor Travel
Better Value Vacations in Australia. Australasia Travel and Destinations
Australasia Travel and Destinations
Feedz Info Australasia Travel and Destinations
RSS News Portal.
I Want that Flight! Australasia Travel and Destinations
Compare QANTAS, Virgin Blue, Jet Star, and Rex for the best price.
Take a Break Holiday Events for Australia UK Holiday Ideas
UK Holiday Ideas UK Holiday Ideas
UK Holiday Bargains UK Holiday Bargains
UK Holiday and Travel News UK Holiday and Travel News
A Daily Adventure Travelling the World A Daily Adventure Travelling the World
Cheaper A Daily Adventure Travelling the World

To view the channels listed above, right click the XML image, select the 'copy shortcut' in Internet Explorer or 'copy link location' in Firefox option, then paste into your news aggregator.

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