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Trephina Sultan / Thanguwa - Tribe Luritja - Aboriginal Artist

Aboriginal Indigenous Artist - Tribe Luritja - Alice Springs / Central Australia


I may not always be available as I may be out bush. You can leave a message for me through my friends on the main AusEmade website. They will try and pass the message on when they can.

You can see some of my artworks based on dreamtime stories in my gallery, as well as my more abstract works.

You can see examples of some of my commissioned works.

For all other enquiries, send an email, and the message will be passed on to me. As I am not always available, due to work, family and maybe having gone bush, I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. Click here to email me.

Web: www.trephinasultan.com
Web: www.thanguwa.com

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