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December Tasmania:
Devonport | Ulverstone | Leven Canyon | Nietta | Preston Falls | Gunns Plains | Penguin | Burnie | Stanley | Wynyard | Hellyer Gorge Roadside Park

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On route to Burnie, we passed a field with about thirty cows, and every one of them was staring across the road at the bull in the opposite field. It was a funny sight, although as I approached for a photo, they all turned to stare at me. The photo does not have the same connotation, still it was very funny seeing the cows all staring at the bull.

We detoured and had a quick stop-off in Penguin. A quaint place with penguins of all shapes and sizes adorning shops and bins. Apparently the fairy penguin can be seen at dusk between November and March.

OK, this was enough detouring, otherwise we would never make our ultimate destination. We were however, determined to stop at one more place for lunch and that is the famous Lactos Cheese Tasting Centre in Burnie (unfortunately now closed down).

Lactos Cheese Tasting Centre in Burnie was everything you wanted in a cheese tasting centre. After going round and sampling all the cheeses, we went around again, sampling more of our favourite cheeses. We would have gone around again, but thought better of it, and decided to order lunch. What can we say, it was heavenly! If you get a chance, stop and taste from their huge selection... that included Brie, Camembert, Swiss, Havarti, Cheddar, Washed Rind, Neufchatel, Club, Gouda, Blue, Gruyere, Raclette, Tilsit, Emmentaler... and more. You can even buy cheese to take away and they also have the famous Heidi Farm Cheese range, made by their Master Cheesmaker's.

Lactos Cheese Tasting Centre.

Penguins at Penguin.

Erected to celebrate the centenary of the proclamation of the Penguin township, 25 October, 1975

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