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Class: Aves

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Birds • Class Aves
Aves is the Latin and scientific classification of birds.

Ranging in size some of the smallest birds in Australia include the Superb Fairy-wren through to the large Emu.

They are warm-blooded, bipedal (meaning they move on two feet), oviparous vertebrate (creatures that lay eggs and have vertebral column (spine). They have feathers and wings, although not all birds can fly.

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Aves
Birds • Images

Birds • Other links

Bird Cinema
• Where the wild birds area always on. This is a video website for bird enthusiasts to watch and share original bird videos worldwide through the web.
The Internet Bird Collection (IBC)
• A non-profit endeavour with the ultimate goal of disseminating knowledge about the world's avifauna. It is an on-line audiovisual library of footage of the world's birds that is available to the general public free of charge.
• Ph: 07 5511 1151 • Email
• Magnificent web site displaying the work in progress of two nature photographers, Greg Holland and Leon Keasey. After successful careers in photographic retailing the two photographers have set about recording images of Australian birdlife.
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