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Spinifex Pigeon

Geophaps plumifera

Spinifex Pigeon
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Spinifex Pigeon • Geophaps plumifera
The Spinifex Pigeon is a rusty/bluff coloured, medium to small plump bird with a tall upright crest and black and buff crescentric bars on the upper parts of the body and wings. They have a conspicuous red patch across the eyes.

The habitat is usually in spinifex and rocky ranges, gorges, even in hilly sandy ridge regions. Never far from water. Mainly in Central Australia, northern parts of Western Australia, Northern Territory and outback Queensland regions.

This ground feeding pigeon can be seen running nimbly around and if flushed they fly off with their wings making loud whirrs. They have soft, high-pitched ‘coos’, ‘cooloo-coo’ and even a deep guttural ‘coo-r-r-r’.

Common Name Where Found
Spinifex Pigeon, Red Spinifex, Plumed Pigeon Found throughout Australia, except the far north. Often in bare, stony or short-grass areas and found far from any water.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Charadriiformes
Family: Charadriidae
Subfamily: Vanellinae
Species: Geophaps plumifera
Spinifex Pigeon • Images
Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)
The following images were taken at Kings Canyon, Northern Territory.
Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)

Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)

Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)

Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)

Spinifex Pigeon (Geophaps plumifera)
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