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Whale • Order Cetacea
Following are some great links to whale-related sites.

The page is divided into two section, Australian whale related sites and all other overseas/international sites. Other sites can be found listed throughout our whale section such as those found under Whale Tours.

If you are not listed, just drop us an email with your details including address, telephone, email, and web address.

Whale • Other links

• Australia - Whales
Australian Museum Online
• Ph: +61 2 9320 6000 (General enquiries) • Email: via online form
• Check out the Cetacean FAQs.
Environmental Protection Agency • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
• Liz Vang • Conservation Sciences • Unit Forestry and Wildlife Division
• Distribution, abundance and biology of Group V humpback whales.
Hervey Bay Whale Watching
• Ph: 07 4125 2343 • Fax: 07 4125 5514 • Email
• Can arrange your whale watch experience.
NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service
• You can search their site for information on whales including their list of whale locations.
NatureBase • Department of Conservation and Land Management
• Some information on Whale Watching.
The Oceania Project
• The Oceania Project, established in 1988, is a Not-for-profit, Research and Information organisation
dedicated to Raising Awareness about Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) and the Ocean Environment. Participate in the Internship Program aboard the Annual Whale Research Expedition and visit Welcome.
Parks and Wildlife Tasmania
• You can search their site for information located under Mammals > Whales and Dolphins. For information on how you can help stranded whales, visit the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Stranded Whales page.
Sapphire Coast
• Follow their Whale Watching link.
Scribbly Gum • ABC Online
• Scribbly Gum is a site devoted to celebrating seasonal events in the natural world. Check out their Whales head home section.
South Australia Whale Centre
• 2 Railway Terrace, VICTOR HARBOUR SA 5211 • Ph: 08 8551 0750 • Email
• The building was first used as a railway goods shed in the late 1800s, in later times in than housed the famous horse trams that ran along the causeways to Granite Island. The trams now have a shed of their own. The buildings new lease of life (since 1994) is as the South Australia Whale Centre.
Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc
• Ph: 0412 689 798 (Secretary Frank Future) • Ph: 08 9755 2276 (Steve Mitchell) • Email
• Whale and Dolphin Watch Australia Inc (WADWA) is the national incorporated association of Australian commercial whalewatchers and part of the International Alliance of Commercial Whalewatchers.
Whale Dreams
• Whale Dreams is the section of Oceans Alive devoted to whales and whale watching. Here you can find information about whales and where to see them in Australia, as well as links, details about various whale and cetacean projects in our region and details of other marine animal tracking projects around the world. Information about whales and where to see them in Australia by ABC Online.
Whale Watching Magic
• Email Hervey bay Whale Watching - Humpback Whales Rules and Regulations.
Whales in Manly
• Email • About Alex, the Southern Right whale in the waters of Manly.
Whales on the Net
• Info and news on whales.
Whales Online • Whales-online Editors
• PO Box 720, Port Adelaide Business Centre, PORT ADELAIDE SA 5015 • Fax: 61 8 8242 1595 • Email
• Dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the Southern Hemisphere.
• Email • A tourist guide to Whale Watching in Hervey Bay.
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• International - Whales
Cetacean Society International
• CSI is an all-volunteer, non-profit, tax-exempt conservation, education, and research organization with representatives in over 25 countries. Our goal is the "optimum utilization of cetacean resources," as called for in the 1946 Treaty of the International Whaling Commission, through the protection of viable habitat and the cessation of all killing and captive display of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. We support and promote benign activities such as regulated whale-watching, non-lethal and humane research, and widespread educational, environmental and observation programs relating to free-roaming cetaceans internationally. Our ultimate objective is the global acceptance of peaceful coexistence and mutual enrichment for both humans and cetaceans.
International Fund for Animal Welfare
• IFAW • Email (check website for contact info around the world)
• Includes information about whales and protecting whales around the world. Just type in whale in their search box.
The International Whaling Commission
• The International Whaling Commission (IWC) was set up under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling which was signed in Washington DC on 2nd December 1946 (Click HERE to view full text). The purpose of the Convention is to provide for the proper conservation of whale stocks and thus make possible the orderly development of the whaling industry.
Migaloo, the White Humpback Whale • Pacific Whale Foundation
• The only document white humpback whale in the world.
Ocean Alliance
• Email (please allow up to 3 weeks for responses)
• The Ocean Alliance encompasses the Whale Conservation Institute and the Voyage of the Odyssey and is dedicated to the conservation of whales and their ocean environment.
The Ocean Mammal Institute
• Email • This site is dedicated to awakening peoples’ minds and hearts to nature’s interconnected harmony. Has info about whales and includes a number of whale songs.
Pacific Whale Foundation
• Maui, HAWAII
• Our mission: To promote appreciation, understanding and protection of whales, dolphins, coral reefs and our planet's oceans. We accomplish this by educating the public -- from a scientific perspective -- about the marine environment. We support and conduct responsible marine research and address marine conservation issues in Hawaii and the Pacific. Through educational ecotours, we model and promote sound ecotourism practices and responsible wildlife watching
Whale - 52 Hertz
• Information about this solitary whale.
Whale Songs
• An educational centre about people and whales. It is an evolving resource, encouraging communication among researchers, students, educators and whale lovers worldwide.
• Includes a whale watching directories around the world, including Australia.
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