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Wildlife Aquariums, Reserve, Sanctuary, Zoos
Australia is home to a huge range of wildlife from tiny insects, reptiles marsupials, mammals, birds, as well as some wonderful aquatic creatures that can be found in our waterholes, lakes, rivers, lagoons, and surrounding coastal waters.

Some of the unique and iconic creatures include the popular koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, bilbies and platypus. For bird lovers, there are many great locations around Australia to indulge your bird watching passion. Just as exciting are the bird sightings that are effective by the ebbs and flows of our weather events as droughts and floods can suddenly seem to create flocks of budgies or fill formerly dry lakes with an abundance of nesting birds.

Of course as well as the wildlife that are native to Australia, there are also many commercial imported ones, some having reach plaque proportions becoming 'feral' pests in many parts of Australia such as the cane toad and camels.

For the tourist, there are many places where you can see and enjoy some of great creatures to be found in Australia, from national parks, wildlife reserves, reptile farms, conservation refuges, and zoos, the assortment and variety of places are considerable.

We will bring some suggestions here, as well as providing links to their websites, online resources, conservation groups and wildlife organisations. Make sure you check out the listings for the each of the state and territory, and if we have missed any, drop us a line with the details.

National - Wildlife Nature Reserves, Zoos, Parks, Aquariums

To visit the wildlife reserves, zoos, parks and aquariums, check the listings under each state and territory. For listing of websites dealing with marsupials, mammals, birds and other fauna, check out the listings below and those listed throughout this site.
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Australia - National and Other Fauna Websites - Other Links

Australian Broadcasting Corporation - archvies of Australian Bird SongsAustralian Broadcasting Corporation

• Archives: Australian Bird Songs.
Australian National Botanic Gardens
• Common Birds of the ANBG (some with drawing and sound file).
Birds AustraliaBirds Australia

• Dedicated to the conservation, study and enjoyment of Australia's native birds and their habitats. Includes some bird calls.

Birdwatching AustraliaBirdwatching Australia
• Email • A directory of Australian bird watching tours, bird clubs, freelance-guides, bird-orientated accommodation and reference information. A great site that also includes accommodation, tour operators, bird clubs and much more.
• Email • Is a un-moderated mailing list for discussion of Australian wild birds. There is a mail archive you can search thorough.
• Email • Film-maker, adventurer, master diver, public speaker and the original ‘crocodile man’. Check out the site of one of Australia’s great wildlife photographers and follow the True on location stories such as ‘Blood Drain’.
Earth Sanctuaries Online
• STIRLING SA 5152 • Ph: +61 8 8370 9422 • Fax: +61 8 8339 7233 • Email

• The world's first publicly listed company with the core business of conservation. Include a number of sanctuaries established around Australian with tourism and education programs where you can see and learn about native animals in the wild.
Environment Australia • Email
• Marine Species Conservation, Seals and Sea Lions.
Natural Worlds
• Email • Series of natural history web sites. A completely non-profit, educational online series which exists as a means of providing detailed information on a variety of topics within the natural history field. Fantastic site. Check out:
ToadBuster - FrogWatch - Australian Frogs Database System
• FrogWatch • Toadbuster NT
• Ph: 1800 243 564 (FrogWatch)
• Mobile: 0411881 378
• Email (see website for other email contact)

Help with ToadMuster and get involved with FrogWatch. For more information visit the website.

The website also provide information about frogs across Northern Australia, including the Northern Territory, the Kimberly region and North Queensland. The system contains information about frog species, pictures, calls and maps and allows people to ask questions and provide information about frog issues.

The website also provides a specific focus for Cane Toad related information in Northern Australia.

FrogWatch is also appealing to the community to help fund part of their strategy to stop cane toads overrunning Darwin and the surrounding region. We are seeking people to sponsor cane toad traps and sections of deflection fences to shut off the major corridors cane toads are using to move into the area.

Whales of AustraliaWhales of Australia
• Email • A great comprehensive local Australian resource on whales and all things related to whales.
Wildlife Advocate
• Ph: 0413 591 762 • Email

• AA not-for-profit community-based organisation dedicated to ensuring the needs of Australian native wildlife are taken into account in the development and enforcement of policies and practices affecting the safety, freedom and independence of native Australian wildlife. Includes information on wildlife facts, experts, who to call and wildlife carers.
Wildlife Warriors • Australia Zoo
• Email • Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide was established in 2002, initially by Steve and Terri Irwin as a way to include and involve other caring people to support the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife - from the individual animal to an entire species. Check out their website for their objectives, programs and projects. Make a donation or become a ‘Wildlife Warrior’.
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