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Waratah Hybrid

Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima

Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima
• Waratah
  > T mongaensis x speciosissima
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• Waratah
• Proteaceae
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Waratah Hybrid • Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima

This Waratah hybrid occurred spontaneously in the National Botanic Garden, Canberra, when these species, Telopea mongaensis and speciosissima were grown next to one another.

A cross between these two species was made at the Australian National Botanic Garden (ANBG) in Canberra and registered in 1974 as 'Braidwood Brilliant'. For this cross T. speciosissima, the New South Wales Waratah, was the pollen parent.

The reverse cross with T. mongaensis, The Braidwood Waratah, as the pollen parent has been named 'Doug's hybrid'. Our plants came to us from the ANBG in 1986 and were said to be the result of a spontaneous hybrid between a plant of each of these species. To me, they seem closer to T. mongaensis. After viewing both species in our collection you may form your own opinion.

Source: Australian National Botanic Gardens - Telopea ‘Braidwood Brilliant’
ANBG - The Monga Waratah - Telopea mongaensis
Mount Tomah Botanic Garden - ‘The accidental Waratah

Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Proteales
Family: Proteaceae
Genus: Telopea
Species: Telopea speciosissima
Telopea mongaensis
Cultivar: Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima

Telopea speciosissima x mongaensis
Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima • Images
Waratah Hybrid (Telopea mongaensis x speciosissima)
Waratah Hybrid (Telopea speciosissima x mongaensis)
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