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Rock Nightshade / Prickly Nightshade

Solanum petrophilum

Rock Nightshade
Solanum petrophilum
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• Solanaceae
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• S. Centrale
• S. orbiculatum subsp. orbiculatum)

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Aboriginal Tourism / Indigenous Art and Culture
Rock Nightshade / Prickly Nightshade • Solanum petrophilum
Also known as Rock Nightshade or Prickly Nightshade, Solanum petrophilum is a small shrub found growing in arid rocky areas north from Broken Hill and west from Mootwingee, across South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

It has grey-green leaves that are show to deeply lobed. The soft stem covered with many long prickles, even the leaves have prickles.

Usually found flowering in winter and spring, it has large deep-purple flowers with conspicuous yellow anthers. The fruit is about 10-15 mm diameter, yellow aging to brown in colour.

Special thanks to Tony Bean, Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium, Brisbane (Solanum is one of his specialities) - Tony identified the following images.

Source: eFlora SA - Solanum petrophilum
Australian Native Plants Society - Solanum petrophilum
Australia's Virtual Herbarium - Solanum petrophilum - Prickly Nightshade

The Solanum petrophilum is usually given the same name as S. quadriloculatum. The fruit of both these plants are poisonous.

There are many other Solanum species that resemble Solanum centrale, and only some of them produce edible fruit eg Solanum chippendalei and Solanum ellipticum. Some closely related species produce fruit that are toxic.
Language Common name Where Found
English Bush tomato Occurs in the far north-west of Central Australia and Western Australia.
  Akatjurra - the Aboriginal name for ground Bush Tomato.
Pintupi kakarrta, kulapanta
Warlpiri Jarlparrpa
Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Solanales
Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Solanum
Species: S. petrophilum
Binomial name: Solanum petrophilum

Rock Nightshade / Prickly Nightshade Images

Special thanks for helping us to identify the following images to Tony Bean, Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium, Brisbane (Solanum is one of his specialities).

Image 7b

Image 7b

Image 7c

Image 7d

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