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Flora and Fauna - Wild flowers and Wildlife in Australia

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Australian Flowering and Other Plants
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Fauna and Flora • Links
The online world of the internet has a vast amount of resources covering all areas of fauna and flora. From common names to scientific classification, there is plenty of both personal and professional information for those researching and seeking answers.

Listed here are resources and links that you may find of interest covering the subject of fauna and flora.

Other great information is provided under Botanic Gardens, National Parks, Reserve, and Publication.

Fauna and Flora - Other links

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Animal  Diversity Web • Has a great TaxonTree java tool.
• A unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species.
• An ongoing work in progress. Although spiders are not insects, arachnids are also included in the database. There are thought to be approximately 220,000 different species of insects in Australia. There are currently around 86,000 species identified in 661 families. Worldwide, it is estimated that there are 30 million different species of insects, making up to almost 90% of all living things on the planet.
• Information in the Life Sciences. Includes a Dictionary section.
All Leps Barcode of Life
• Lepidoptera are the second-most diverse order of insects (after Coleoptera – the beetles). There are about 180,000 known species of Lepidoptera and another 300,000 likely await description. This site is the on-line home of an effort that employs DNA barcoding to advance the identification and discovery of Lepidoptera. This work is being conducted by researchers with expertise in ecology, molecular evolution and taxonomy aided by many dedicated amateur lepidopterists.
The Taxonomicon & Systema Naturae 2000
• The classification of life is changing rapidly. As new techniques reveal more about the phylogenetic relationship between taxa, the tree changes shape almost every day. Taxonomy today is more exciting than ever before, but this constant change creates a need for stability and insight into the relationships between the classifications themselves. ‘Systema Naturae 2000’ is trying to satisfy the need for insight into the relationships between the classifications and enters in to a journey on the vast ocean, called taxonomy.
You can search using The Taxonomicon.
Wikispecies - The Free Encyclopedia
• Supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikispecies is a project with aims to becoming an open, free directory of species. This will cover Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life to the extent that our users allow us.
World Biodiversity Database (WBD)
• Consists of a number of separate projects, each with its own interface and feature set.
Zipcode Zoo
• Working to become a proper home base for Naturalist, both amateur and professional. The focus is Applied Biogeography: understanding plants and animals in their place, perhaps even your backyard.
Zodiac Publications
• Ph: 07 4095 4469 • Email
• Garry and Nada Sankowsky are volunteer collectors of herbarium specimens with high quality digital images (vouchered photographs) for various Australian Herbaria, Universities and other scientific institutions.

They also have a two hectare garden contains the largest living collection of Tropical Australian rainforest plants. Almost all of these are collected from the wild and so are of high scientific value.

Their main project is the continual upgrading of the Australian Tropical Plants DVD Rom, that can be ordered online from their website.
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