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Ethical Caving

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With the growing interest by many people to visit caves, and the delicate nature of the cave environment, it is left not only to local groups and caving organisations, but also to the individual to ensure that their visit has a minimum impact on the cave environment.

We at AusEmade believe in minimal impact when exploring and enjoying caves which can be summed up as:

“Break nothing but the silence;
take nothing but photographs.”

Minimal Impact - Ethical Caving

Every caving trip has an impact on the cave environment. To minimise damage the following should be observed:
  • Cave slowly. By not rushing through the caves both on entry and exit, will reduce the chance of cave damage.
  • Watch your head placement to avoid injury and damage cave roofs and walls.
  • Stay on marked and obvious paths.
  • Learn to recognise cave deposits or features that may be damaged by walking or crawling on them, examples include: drip holes, stream sediments, Paleo soils, Soil Cones, Crusts, Flowstone, Cave Pearls, Asphodilites, bone material, potential archaeological sites, cave fauna, Coffee & Cream, Tree Roots.
  • Disturbance should not be caused to any biotic community.
  • Ensure that you clean and wash your caving overalls and boots regularly, so that the spread of bacteria and fungi are minimised.
  • Carry in, carry out all material including food waste, batteries, human waste, tissues etc.
  • No smoking inside caves.

Source: Australian Speleological Federation Incorporated.

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