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Caves, Karst, Speleology
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Caves, Karst, Speleology


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Caves, Karst, Speleology
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Caves - New South Wales

There are caves and karst areas found throughout Australia. Check out our listing of caves to be found throughout Australia.

In addition we have listings of local and regional Cave Groups and Clubs, and links to other information about speleology and karst.

New South Wales - Caves

• Links: NSW
Abercrombie Caves
The Archway Cave is the largest limestone Arch in the southern hemisphere.
Jenolan Caves
A number of unique caves. These include:
  • Chifley Cave
  • Imperial Cave
    The tour follows an ancient river passage, which is mostly level and is one of the easiest of the caves to visit. On display in the cave are Tasmanian Devil and Wallaby bones, as well as the many marine fossils seen embedded in the limestone wall and roof. There is a decent of 66 steps via a spiral staircase to view an extensive section of the northern underground river.
  • Jubilee Cave
  • Lucas Cave
    First entered in 1860 by George Whiting and Nicholas Irwin, it is a popular cave, offering the highest and widest chambers at Jenolan, the Cathedral. You get a glimpse of the underground river. Another feature is the Broken Column. Due to its acoustical properties, the Cathedral is utilised for performances. Past performers include Dame Joan Sutherland and the Vienna Boys Choir.
  • Orient Cave
  • Pool of Cerberus
  • Ribbon Cave
  • River Cave
  • Temple of Baal

If ‘adventure cave’ is more to your style, Jenolan Caves offers two. There is also a ‘kids adventure’, which is Wombeyan mini adventure tour specifically designed for kids and the not so brave.

  • The Elder Cave
    This was the first ‘dark’ cave to be entered at Jenolan in 1848. The Elder Cave includes several large chambers, some fine crystal and many historical signatures preserved from the 1800’s. The tour introduces you to the world of ‘adventure caving’ with a series of climbs, crawls and squeezes to negotiate.

    The ‘Plughole Tour’ is a variation on the Elder Cave tour that involves entering the cave at the top of the mountain via a short abseil into a sinkhole before following the Elder cave to its conclusion in the infamous ‘S-bend’ squeeze.
  • Aladdin Cave
    Starting with a pleasant walk through the vast archway of the Devil’s Coachhouse and north up the McKeowns Valley, leads to one of the most beautiful caves in Jenolan, the Aladdin. This cave boasts an extraordinary display of colour and decoration in its lower chambers.

    The upper sections of the cave involve a certain amount of climbing, including a rope assisted traverse followed by a slide to the cave floor. This cave is very active, often wet and may be muddy in sections.
  • Mammouth Cave
    The most extensive cave in the Jenolan complex and the scene of a great deal of continued exploration, the Mammoth Cave is one of the most rewarding of the ‘adventure caving’ experiences. You spend about six hours underground, that include extensive climbing and some cave ladder work. Hard work is rewarded with several very large and well decorated chambers, and a swift flowing section of the underground river system.
  • Wiburd’s Lake Cave
    This tour is a full and varied day of both caving and bushwalking. It starts with a 4 km walk north along the inspiring McKeowns Valley. Three caves are generally visited during the course of the day, providing a broad range of activities and experiences, from the fine crystal of Hennings Cave to the size of Wiburd’s itself. With sufficient rainfall, vast amounts of water will be found underground, and the cave may be muddy and slippery. The tour takes over six hours return.

Source: Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust

Wellington Caves
Include The Cathedral Cave, Bone Cave, Gaden Cave, River Cave, Water Cave - up to 26 caves in the reserve with many including fossil remains.
Wombeyan Caves
• PO Box 18, TARALGA NSW 2580 • Ph: 02 4843 5976 • Fax: 02 4843 5988 • Email
Located in the Southern Highlands offering a number of caves and cave options, from tours, self-tour and adventure caving.

If ‘adventure cave’ is more to your style, there are currently two on offer There is also a ‘kids adventure’, which is Wombeyan mini adventure tour specifically designed for kids and the not so brave.

  • Bullio Cave
    Discovered just after the turn of the century and is a challenging adventure cave. Much of the cave is vertical and is negotiated by steep ladders of up to 20 metres. There are crawl holes, squeezes and an underground streamway.
  • Basin Cave
    This cave is named after the enormous basin shaped rim-pools within the cave. The cave is a maze of wide, open caverns and tight, muddy passageways and steep descents.

Source: Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust

Yarrangobilly Caves
Located within Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains. There are six caves open for inspection including North Glory Cave, Glory Hole Cave, Jillabenan Cave and Jersey Cave (for guided tours), the Castle and Harrie Wood caves (by appointment).
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