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Caves - South Australia

There are caves and karst areas found throughout Australia. Check out our listing of caves to be found throughout Australia.

In addition we have listings of local and regional Cave Groups and Clubs, and links to other information about speleology and karst.

South Australia - Caves

Englebrecht Cave
• Princes Highway, PO Box 1431, MT GAMBIER SA 5290
• Ph: +61 8 8725 5493 • Fax: +61 8 8725 1200
• Named after the German immigrant Carl Engelbrecht, who owned the area above the cave, most parts of the cave are only accessible to cave divers. The horizontal, one level cave lies at the same level as the ground water table. The tours into the cave are operated by Lifeline volunteers, who show dry parts of the cave, two large chambers and a cave lake, which is the karst water table.
Koonalda Cave
• Lies on the western edge of South Australia, about 50 kms from the ocean.
Naracoorte Caves
• This World Heritage Area has currently 26 known caves in the area, with the most famous being the Victoria Fossil Cave.
  • Victoria Fossil Cave
    The most famous of the caves, there are over 3,000 metres of collapse dome chambers connected by low passages and flatteners. There are important vertebrate fossil deposits still being uncovered and researched, especially in the Fossil Chamber. Other regions in the cave complex include the Ossuaries, White Chamber, Butch and Lake Chamber and Starburst Chamber. The toured section is through mainly the collapse chambers with the low connecting passages artificially enlarged, as well as artificial entrances having been excavated for ease of visitor access. A visit to the fossil chamber also form part of the tour. The cave has excellent extensive speleothem decoration throughout the cave. Some images can be viewed here...

    Other caves of significance include Alexandra, Fox, Blackberry, Cathedral Caves, all containing vertebrate fossil material to be investigated.
  • Bat Cave
    The maternity site for Bent-winged Bats (Miniopterus schreibersii) population of south-east South Australia and south-west Victoria. Also contains other invertebrate fauna that includes a number of endemic species. A collapse window (8 metres x 12 metres) drops 8 metres to a rockpile in the entrance chamber. The cave develops for over 300 metres to the south-east and includes the main bat chamber (60 metres x 25 metres and 12 metres high) and contains extensive guano deposits that were mined in the 19th century.

    Access is restricted to management personnel only for maintenance of bat viewing infrastructure and to approved researchers.  The bats can be viewed by remote controlled cameras placed at various points in the cave from the Bat Cave Teleview Centre. More information here...
  • Alexandra Cave
    • Discovered in 1908, the cave comprising several well-decorated chambers connected by low sandy and floored passages. The northern passages have been enlarged to allow easy access for visitors. The original solution tube entrance has been extensively modified and an additional artificial entrance excavated. This cave is accessible by guided tours. Some images can be viewed here...
  • Blanche Cave
    • Discovered in 1845, the cave has a long history as a show cave. Predominantly a line of large collapse passages and chambers with several roof windows (total length 250 metres). It is a good example of collapse beneath a calcrete caprock. The decoration, which had dried and degraded, is rejuvenating as water percolation resumed after the removal of the pine trees over the top of the cave in the late 1980’s. There are guided tours. More information here...

Other caves in region include: Appledore Cave, Blackberry Cave, Wet Cave (Stick-Tomato Cave), Cathedral Cave, Robertson Cave, Fox Cave, Little Victoria Cave, Saddle Cave, Sand Funnel Cave, Peppertree Hole, Little Cathedral, Frog Hole and a number of unnamed caves. To see list and description of caves, click here...

Some of the caves are show cave, with guided tours, while others are classified wild or adventure, accessible with guides.

Source: Naracoorte Caves NP ©

The Old Cave Photo Page: The Nullarbor Plain 
• Email • Some Nullarbor images.
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