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Caves - Western Australia

There are caves and karst areas found throughout Australia. Check out our listing of caves to be found throughout Australia.

In addition we have listings of local and regional Cave Groups and Clubs, and links to other information about speleology and karst.

Western Australia - Caves

• Famous for it’s limestone caves.
  • Jewel Cave
    Discovered in 1957, this enormous cavern with beautiful formations, is home to the longest straw stalactite in the world and includes a frozen waterfall.
  • Moondyne Adventure Cave
    The most recently developed cave, providing visitors first hand experience into caving.
  • Lake Cave
    With full caving gear you can take a tour through the underground wilderness with experienced cavers.
  • Mammoth Cave
    Formed over 150,000 years ago, where you can view prehistoric fauna over 35,000 years old.

The Caves of the Nullarbor
• The Nullarbor Plain is the largest single karst formation on the earth. Originally an ancient shallow seabed that has been uplifted, the region has been weathered by wind and rain, reducing it to the current flat plains. During this time many caves were formed under the Nullarbor. The area is unique as the only desert region with extensive caves containing large quantities of water. Although the water salinity varies, some of it is being used for stock watering. Current exploration of the many caves by speleologists are turning up frequent new findings.

There is an information display of the caves at Balladonia as part of the interactive museum. Here you can find how to access some of the easier and safer caves under the Nullarbor Plain.

  • Cocklebiddy Cave
    Is located under the Nullarbor and is Australia’s longest underwater cave at 6.7 km.

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