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Australia Motoring Associations / Automotive Associations
NRMA Touring Services RACT - Tasmania RACV Journeys and Destinations Online
Following is a list of Australian motoring associations throughout Australia. Check their respective websites for a full range of phone numbers and list of contact information.

These Australian automotive association sites, whilst offering a range of motoring services and motoring insurance, also offer members and visitors some great travel ideas and tips when travelling around Australia.

Among the many resources that are available from their website, they provide access to a travel planner, that include a trip planner or journey planner for calculating your kilometres / mileage, most being accessible for the casual visitor, whilst members can get a more features option.

Most Australia motoring associations also list accommodation providers within their state/territory that offer discounts to members. Vehicle hire is also available. When hiring a vehicles, check to see if they offer discount for motoring membership.

Members get a number of discounts to various products and services ranging from motoring and travel insurance, through to motoring members discounts at various stores and outlets. So if you are a member, take advantage of some of the great offers available through your membership.

When travelling interstate, check to see if your motoring association have a reciprocal agreements with interstate auto clubs in the event of a breakdown.

One popular feature on all the automobile association and motoring website are the travel planner for calculating the distance of your journey. Usually known as trip planner, most allow calculating the mileage between multiple stops.

For those planning an overseas trip, check your motoring associations website for any information and possible specials they have for international destinations.

Automotive Associations / Motoring Associations

New South Wales (NSW)

• NRMA - NRMA Motoring & Services
NRMA Touring Services - New South Wales NRMA • NRMA Motoring Services
• Membership & Customer Service Team: 13 11 22
• Roadside Assistance (24 hours - country and metro areas): 13 11 11
• Email: online form
• The former NRMA brand that included the NRMA Touring Service has split into two separate companies - NRMA Insurance that deals with all kinds of insurance including Travel Insurance and the NRMA Motoring Services that include their Roadside Assistance, membership, motoring and related services. The site includes your Travel in Australia and International Travel. Open Road, holiday packages, travel services, listed accommodation, trip planner, maps and guides. Your NRMA membership may also entitle you to a range of discount. Thrifty Australia are also the preferred car rental provider for NRMA members, offering discounts and specials with your membership.
Northern Territory (NT)
• AANT - Automobile Association of Northern Territory Inc
Automobile Association of Northern Territory Inc - Northern Territory Automobile Association of Northern Territory Inc
• General Enquiries: 08 8925 5901
• Roadside Service anywhere in Australia: 13 11 11
• 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance SMS Service for Hearing and Speech Impaired People: 0427 131 110
• Technical Advisory Service: 1300 661 466 • Email
• The NT motoring club services. The website includes travel insurance, attractions, accommodation search, Great Southern Rail, trip planner, AANT strip maps and exclusive Thrifty Car Rental benefits.
Queensland (QLD)
• RACQ - Royal Automobile Club of Queensland
RACQ - Queensland RACQ
• General Enquiries: 13 19 05
• 24 Hour Road Service: 13 11 11
• TTY (Hearing impaired members): 07 3248 2074 or 1800 623 101
• A Queensland based motoring service that includes a range of insurance and travel services. Website include information on airport parking, cruises, worldwide holidays, accommodation, discount tickets, interstate travel, car hire, maps and directions, trip planner. There is also a RACQ Mobile Trip Planner.
South Australia (SA)
• RAA - Royal Automobile Assocation of South Australia Inc.
RAA - South Australia RAA
• General Enquiries: 08 8202 4600
• Emergency Road Service: 13 11 11
• TTY (for deaf & hearing impaired): 08 8202 4750
• SMS (for deaf and hearing impaired): 0427 131 110
• Email: online form
• A SA based motoring service. Check out their member holiday savings, accommodation, flights, cruise holidays, tours, hire cars and motorhome, international travel, travel forum and travel blog, maps and motoring info, travel planner.
Tasmania (TAS)
• RACT - Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania
RACT - Tasmania RACT
• General Enquiries: 13 27 22
• Roadside & Battery Help: 13 11 11
• The Tasmania based motoring service. Site includes travel insurance, latest holiday catalogue, international drivers permit and trip planner.
Victoria (VIC)
• RACV - Royal Automobile Club of Victoria

RACV Journeys and Destinations Online - Victoria

RACV Journeys and Destinations Online
• Membership & Insurance: 13 72 28
• Roadside Assistance: 13 11 11
• Hearing impaired TTY: 03 9790 3186
• A Victorian based service providing a range of travel resources for members, as well as the usually motoring services. Topics include cruises and tours, accommodation, car hire, motorhome hire, theme parks, attractions and shows, driving holidays, rail, bus and ferry, driving overseas, maps and guides, trip planner.
Western Australia (WA)
• RAC - Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia
RAC - Western Australia RAC
• General Enquiries: 13 17 03
• Roadside Assistance: 13 11 11 (24 hours / 7 days)
• Hearing Impaired TTY (Roadside Assistance): 08 9303 8470 • SMS: 0434 182 877
• A Western Australia based motoring service providing motoring services and advice, insurance, travel services, finance and exclusive benefits for members. Travel information includes car and campervan hire, international travel deals, domestic offers, accommodation, flights, cruises, rail, group tours, self drive holidays, WA maps and journey planner.
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