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You had your holiday, now you want to Complain

Consumer Affairs and Complaints, Australia

Holiday Complaint
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So you had your holiday
, but everything was not to your satisfaction. You have a complaint! What do you do?

For starters, when researching your holidays, one aspect of the process and before making a booking and paying over any monies, is to ensure:

  • the legitimacy of the service provider
  • read the fine print of any documents you sign
  • their refund policy
  • do some online research with any company you are dealing with, bearing in mind that there is always two sides to a story
  • take out insurance
With many companies fighting for your business, their are often many discounts to entice you in, but as in all cases, you need to read the small print as to terms and conditions etc.

One major sector of the travel and tourism market is 'car rental' market. As stated above, read the fine print prior to signing the lease. Before accepting the car, check it over thoroughly. Keep your copy of the rental agreement, especially where they show previous scratches and damages on the car.

When returning the vehicle, ensure you have checked it over with the company staff. Some travellers often choose the 'drop-off at airport' option. It is advisable to arrive at the airport early to give yourself plenty of time to have the hire car company staff check the vehicle over with you.

When going on holiday, many travellers take out travel insurance to cover any unforeseeable incidents. There is usually insurance to cover most aspects of your travel, from theft of personal possession to accidents. Most car rental companies offer the option of reducing any premiums, by taking out car insurance. If you cannot afford to pay for any damages, it is advisable to pay the extra in insurance for peace of mind. There have been many an accident with motor vehicles and wild animals such as kangaroos, camels, horses, donkeys, the list goes on. Of course, for those not heading out to the bush, accidents can also happen in the towns and cities.

When making a complaint, always go back to the trader/service provider first, to give them the opportunity to answer or fix the problem. Go higher up the company if you are not having any success. Ensure you keep all records as proof that you have done this step, as some dispute resolution agencies will not accept your complaint unless you can show you have done this.

Avenues for complaints in Australia can vary between states and territories, with some having their own consumer affairs, fair trading, civil, tenancy and administrative tribunals.

If you still have not resolved the issue, check out our Consumer Affairs and Complaints Resources for some avenues that you can explore to resolve the issue.

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