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Throughout this site, a number of icons are used, to provide additional information, that can be understood at a quick glance. Some are recognisable images common elsewhere, whilst others may be unique to this site.

Following are the description of the legend used throughout this site:

Prices available on-line. Prices available on-line (check the individual web sites for current prices).
Price range. Price range - these are approximate prices. Always confirm current prices with the services.
Accommodation/Attraction. Indicates related accommodation or attractions. (Currently being phased out).
Map. Indicates map.
Email Indicates an email address.
Gay/lesbian owned or gay/lesbian friendly services. Gay and lesbian owned or gay and lesbian friendly services.
Disabled accessible services. Disabled accessible services.
star rating star rating Star and half star rating - many accommodation providers are affiliated with a star rating system, that provide an indication of the facilities, services and cost of staying at that establishment. Such rating systems are found in a number of countries around the world. For Australia, AAA Tourism manage the AAA Tourism STARSTM rating.

Please note: as star ratings can change for individual establishments, confirm the rating by following the relevant link. If our star rating is incorrect, just send us an email to correct our listing. If you are the owner of the establishment and the star rating on your listing is incorrect, send us an email updating your listing. Make sure you include the name of the establishment and town/city or page that the listing appears on.
Car Hire.
Information Centre Indicate accredited and non-accredited information centres where the visitor can pick up information about the region, town and city that they are visiting. Always a good place to drop-in, remembering that sometimes brochures, local maps and attractions information may not always be on show, so it is always a good idea to ask at the counter. Such centres can be run by the district council or shire, government tourist office, private tourism or service operator. Many of these centres are often staffed by local volunteers.

When on the road, some centres are signed posted by the yellow 'i' on a blue background or a white 'i' on a blue background. Where available, we will also show the website address.
Beware of crocodiles or alligators Beware of crocodiles or alligators.
Beware of marine stingers Beware of marine stingers during summer months.
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