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Weather and Season Australia

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What sort of weather can I expect?
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Australia is a vast country that spans three time zones, not including 'daylight saving'. It has a range of temperate climates, that includes winter skiing in the south, through the balmy waters of the Great Barrier Reef, to the tropical rainforest of the far north. There are deserts and arid zones, monsoonal wet seasons, whilst residents and visitors can experience temperatures from below zero to over 40°C.

When visiting any part of Australia, you will need to plan according to the seasons and expected weather conditions. In a country that experiences drought, floods and cyclones it is always prudent to plan ahead.

We hope that the information provided here, will assist you in your planning. Check out the sections including:

IMPORTANT: Always cross-check weather conditions with the visitor centre at your destination, or the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology.

The seasons in Australia are the reverse of the northern hemisphere:
Spring September - November
Summer December - February
Autumn March - May
Winter June - August
During Australia summer months of December to February it is hot in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

If you are visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the main rain period is January to February.

In northern Queensland, parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, roads may flood during January to March known as the 'wet season'.

The ski season occurs from June to October in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

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Australian Climate Zones
There are many different ways of describing or classifying climates, for tourists, the question is how hot or cold will it be? Will it be hot and dry, or warm and humid? The Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology has a map showing climate zones based on temperature and humidity that is quite useful.

Australia can be divided into six main climatic regions or zones on the basis of air temperature and humidity. Each of these regions is shown in the map below. There is also a great clickable region map of Australia to be found on the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology - Climate Averages Map.

For an individual look at each zone visit the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology - Climate tips for travellers.

Climate zones

Source: Courtesy of the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology

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