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Some visitors to this site, especially friends and visitors from overseas, may not understand the telephone numbering system for Australia. Whilst there is a standard, new numbering series are created over time. Following are some hints of the numbering system for Australian telephone numbers.

Understanding Australian Telephone Numbers

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All Australian geographic telephone numbers are '8 digits' in length and preceded by a '2 digit' area code beginning with 'zero'.
  When you are calling a particular number and you are within the boundaries (area code) of that number, you can just dial the 8 digit number to contact the owner of that number. This is known as the local number.
  When you are outside the boundaries (area code) of that number, but still within Australia, you will need to dial the 2 digit area code beginning with 'zero', followed by the 8 digit number.


Please note, the '2 digit' area code, does not correspond with State boundaries eg The 08 area code covers South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia, 03 covers most of Victoria and Tasmania, 02 covers most of NSW and the ACT and the 07 area code covers most of Queensland.


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Telephone numbers beginning with '1800' are free to callers within Australia (except calls from mobiles, when mobile rates apply).


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Telephone numbers beginning with '13' and '1300' are charged at a local call rate within Australia (except from a mobile phone, when they may be charged at a timed rate). Some '13' and '1300' numbers may be accessible from outside Australia. This is at the discretion of the owners, whom the number has been issued to.
ph bullet icon Telephone numbers using the prefix '190x xxx xxx' are charged at a premium rate.

Dialing Australia from Overseas

ph bullet icon When dialling from overseas into Australia, the caller must dial '+61', followed by the second digit of the area code (the first digit, '0', is dropped), followed by the '8 digit' national number. The '+' is for the countries international access code eg Australia's international access code is '011 61' signifies the call is to be routed to Australia. The second digit of the area code must be dialled to direct the call to the correct area code region.

For example:

011 is the international access code. This code has to be dialled when calling numbers outside the USA.
61 is the country code. This code has to be dialled to reach any number in Australia.
ph bullet icon When calling an number beginning with '0500' from oversea's, the number must be preceded by your country code, followed by '61' (then drop the '0') followed by the number eg  +61 500 548 464.
  A number beginning with '0500' is used to provide universal personal telecommunications services. The costs associated with this service is determined with the telecommunications service supplier. The ACA does not set the call charge associated with the provision of this service.
ph bullet icon Callers to mobile phones in Australia from overseas must dial '+61 4xx xxx xxx'. The '+' is for the countries international access code, and you must drop the first '0' which preceded the '4'.
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