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Eden - Cities, Towns and Localities
Located on picturesque Twofold Bay, the third deepest natural harbour in the world, and enclosed to the north and south by national parks and by woodland to the west, is Eden.

At a distance of 476 km south of Sydney and part of the beautiful Sapphire Coast, it is the last major town before crossing the Victorian border. In a region that includes Ben Boyd National Park, Nadgee Nature Reserve and Wonboyn Lake, it is an ideal place to enjoy such natural beauty, taking in bushwalks and scenic forest drives, as well as the unspoilt beaches. If that is not enough, Eden has a long history with the whaling industry, from the early harpooning period to the present day delights of ‘whale watching’.

Eden CoastlineOnce inhabited by the Thawa Aborigines, the early history of the bay is tied to our early white settlement and the whaling industry. The twice annual migration of whales (mainly the right whales) to and from the Antarctic waters meant the whales passed Twofold Bay between May and November of each year. Beginning around 1828, the whaling industry was established and by 1840, there were some 27 whaleboats operating from Twofold Bay. Competition soon decimated the whale population, and by the 1860s there were only three operators left.

When the whaling era was at its peak, Eden gained some fame for a killer whale pack whose leader was named by locals ‘Old Tom’. The locals became familiar with all the whales in the pod, and all given their own names. What is remarkable was that the whales actually helped the whalers by trapping their victims in the confines of the bay. The killer whales hunted in packs, driving the whales into the shallow water, and preventing their escape to deeper waters. When whales were detected, the killer whales would travel to the whaling station, make a great deal of noise, wait for the boats to launch, then lead them to the trapped whales. The victim would then be dispatched by harpoon, and the carcass would be left overnight, allowing the killer whales to feed on the tongue and lips of the whales. Usually the following day, the remains of the whale (the blubber), would be towed ashore for processing.

The town today is a prosperous sea port with a booming tourism sector.

Check out our listing of Eden accommodation, Sapphire Coast accommodation and South Coast accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

Eden Gateway Visitor Information Centre
Cnr Mitchell Street & Princes Highway
Ph: 02 6496 1953
7 days 9 am - 5 pm
Hours may vary, contact visitor centre

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Eden Distance

Distance to Eden
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Eden:
• Batemans Bay 199.5
• Bega 53.1
• Bombala 91.9
• Canberra 274.4
• Cooma 161.8
• Jervis Bay 312.5
• Melbourne 559.3
• Merimbula 25.4
• Narooma 131.3
• Sydney 476.7
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
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