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Montague Island

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Montague Island
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Montague Island - Cities, Towns and Localities

Montague Island Nature Reserve is located about 9 km off the south coast of NSW, south-east of Narooma. The island comprises two elevated sections divided by a ravine, covered with huge granite boulders and with a total area of 82 ha. The water around the island is rich in marine life due to the close proximity of the continental shelf and the warm eastern Australian current. It is in these waters that you can encounter pods of migrating whales, dolphins, sunfish manta rays, and pelagic fish.

Montague Island is one of the most important seabird nesting areas in NSW, especially for the likes of little penguins, wedge-tailed shearwaters, short-tailed shearwaters, sooty shearwaters, silver gulls and crested terns. It also contains the most important Australian fur seal haul-out sites along the NSW coast, being the most northern most colony of this marine mammal in eastern Australia.


Montague Island

Montague Island was originally a fertile hunting ground for the local Aboriginal people and the island contains a number of Aboriginal sites. With the appearance of white settlement, huge numbers of seals were commercially harvested during the early part of this century.

Declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1953, the guided tours are popular as they take in the colonies of seals and fairy penguins, as well as a glimpse of past occupation.

Source: Montague Island Nature Reserve, Plan of Management (November 1995)
- NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Location: 9 km south east of Narooma.
Access: by boat and prearranged tours. When leaving by charter from wharf at Narooma, you are required to don life jackets prior to passing through the notorious bar at the entrance to Wagonga Inlet. Swells can be quite rough.

Check out our listing of Montague Island accommodation and Eurobodalla accommodation. In addition to our listed online travel guide information, contact the local tourism visitor centre for your destination for more attractions, tours, local maps and other information.

Information Centre

National Parks and Wildlife Service - Merimbula

National Parks and Wildlife Service - Narooma

Narooma Visitor Information Centre

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Montague Island - Tours

NSW Tours • Outback • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Montague Island Tours
• Narooma Town Wharf, Blue Water Drv • Narooma Visitors Centres (Bookings)
• Ph: 02 4476 2881 (Narooma Visitors Centre) • Freecall: 1800 240 003
• World class tours through a landscape teeming with wildlife and steeped in history. Explore the natural and historical heritage of this unique environment with your guide. Morning and evening tours, subject to minimum numbers and sea and weather conditions. Between mid September to mid November, there are usually combined Whale Watch Tours, as this is also the peak period for visiting the island. A proportion of the cost is used to fund projects on the island. Access to Montague Island Nature Reserve is currently provided by Narooma Charters from Narooma's Town Wharf.
Narooma ChartersNarooma Charters
• PO Box 265, NAROOMA NSW 2546 • Ph: 02 4476 2240 • Email
• Fishing, tours, dive, whale watching and more. Montague Island Nature & Wildlife Tours.

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Montague Island - Attractions

Montague Island Tour
• We were looking forward to our tour of Montague Island, having heard much about it. Our trip up the south coast had been blessed with seeing plenty of whale activity, which we were also lucky to see on the return leg of our Montague Island tour. The boat ride out included catching sight of a flying fish (my first), and the shearwaters over the ocean. On seeing the Australian Fur Seals, we were stunned to see so many, so close. They were acting so casual, waving their fins in the air, some even came close to the boat.

The actual island tour was also amazing, seeing the lighthouse and listening to the story of the isolation and the hardship of the former lightkeepers and their families. The cemetery was poignant.

It was also sad to hear about the fire that got out of control killing some penguins. You can see where the fire had swept through, burning the kikuyu grass, but it certainly gave the native plants a chance as they were growing well. The silver gulls were extremely noisy. Even more amazing was seeing the school of small fish close to the surface of the ocean and the crested terns going hell for leather... the sound of the flock as they swoop overhead is indescribable, you could hear each individual body pass, like the sound of bullets encased in feathers...

Colin (2003)

The Montague Island NSW website has some Montague Information booklets, fact sheets and self-guided tour downloads.

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Montague Island Other Links

• Montague Island Community/Local Government Links
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