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Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island
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Norfolk Island - Cities, Towns and Localities
Just over two hours flight off Australia’s east coast lies the historic former penal colony of Norfolk Island, home to two of Australia’s most brutal penal settlements. The 3,455 hectare subtropical island is drenched in history and charm and is a favourite for retired Australians who enjoy the quiet tax free island where history comes alive.

Norfolk Island is a semi autonomous territory of Australia and dominated both by its history and the ubiquitous Norfolk pine trees. Captain Cook discovered the uninhabited island in 1774 and the first penal settlement was established only two months after Sydney in March 1788; till 1814 when the islanders were transferred to Tasmania and the island abandoned. Norfolk Island was again selected as “a place of the extremist punishment, short of death” from 1825-55 but eventually settled by descendents of mutineers from Capt Bligh’s HMS Bounty in 1856. Their language, a mixture of 18th Century English and Tahitian can still be heard.

Bathed in sunshine, the island is blessed with a mild climate that has neither extreme heat or cold, so makes a great year round destination. Many unique species of flora and bird life thriving in isolation can still be seen in the National Park and Reserves which make up one third of the island. The pristine coastline has abundant sea life and the island’s reefs are great for snorkelling, diving, swimming, surfing and fishing.

Norfolk Island Pines © Norfolk Island Tourism

Norfolk Islanders © Norfolk Island TourismA third of the island has been reserved for the environment and scenic walkways through the islands rainforest are a must. 178 species of plants grow on the island, 40 unique to Norfolk Island! Some of the pine trees reach 48 metres and an abundance of birdlife will enthral. Tracks can be enjoyed by foot or mountain bike.

Norfolk Island boasts more than 35 restaurants and eateries, several museums, golf course and sporting activities, numerous guided tours, a vibrant social calendar, tax and GST-free shopping and a wide selection of accommodation to suit any budget. Norfolk Island is a great and safe place to enjoy the charms of a less hurried era and the unspoilt beauty and purity of the South Pacific.

Images courtesy of Norfolk Island Tourism

Information Centre

Norfolk Island LogoNorfolk Island Visitor Information
PO Box 211, Norfolk Island 2899
Ph: (int+) 6723 2147

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Norfolk Island Attractions

Norfolk Island Botanic Gardens
• The Norfolk Island Botanic Garden was declared jointly by the Norfolk Island and Commonwealth Governments in 1986 to provide a place where specimens of Norfolk's unique flora could be conveniently seen and appreciated. Mrs Pat Moore originally owned part of this 0.6 ha and her careful--management created a widely admired garden. Her work and the later care of the area by the Norfolk Island Flora and Fauna Society laid the foundation for today's Botanic Garden.
Norfolk Island Museum LogoNorfolk Island Museum
• The Norfolk Island Museum complex is located in Kingston, one of the most historic sites in Australasia. Recent excavations have confirmed that Polynesians settled on Norfolk Island some 800 years before Captain James Cook set foot ashore in 1774.

Kingston & Arthur Vale Historic Area, location of the original convict settlements has four museums close to each other:

Royal Engineer's office, Guard House & Pier contains the Social History Museum with memorabilia from Norfolk Island’s violent past.

Maritime Museum, housed in the original Protestant Chapel, displays original artefacts from the islands often treacherous maritime past.

No 10 Quality Row – Constructed in 1844, the Foreman’s residence has been preserved in its original Georgian style.

Commissariat Store - Dating from 1835 as the island’s general store and warehouse, now home to the Archaeological Museum.

The Bounty Folk Museum home to the largest collection of Bounty memorabilia and houses the Lions Club Photographic display.

Museum of Natural History and The South Pacific Display Centre are other interesting historic attractions on the island.
Norfolk Island Country Music Festival
• Come and join us for another wonderful week of Country Music on Norfolk Island 22-29 May 2005
Norfolk Island Line Dancing Festival
• Why not combine your love of line dancing with your next holiday to Norfolk Island when the island hosts the ‘Line Dancing Festival’ from 26 June to 3 July 2005. Enjoy the festivities as a spectator or take part in the fun as a participant!

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Norfolk Island Tours

NSW Tours OutbackEco AdventureNational Tours
Bounty Divers
• Find yourself in the underwater tranquillity on Norfolk’s reefs. Bounty Divers provide a variety of diving excursions and courses starting at $85. Explore convict era ship wrecks, rare and beautiful sea creatures and corals in the warmth of the South Pacific.
Charter Marine
• For the more energetic Charter Marine provide a five hour unforgettable experience of trekking and boating to two small uninhabited offshore wildlife sanctuaries off the coast. The tour costs $130 and includes lively commentary, spectacular scenery and plenty of exercise! Ideal for photographers and nature lovers.

Norfolk Gateway Tours
• NORFOLK ISLAND EXPERTS - hotels, apartments, tours, cottages land and air packages.

Pinetree Tours
• Offer a selection of reasonably priced and informative tours of historic Norfolk Island.
The Norfolk Island Touring Company
• Let an experienced guide charm you with tales of the past and gaze at the natural splendour of the island. Select from a Half Day Island Tour, Convict Kingston Tour or the Breakfast Walks tour. Prices range between $25-$30.

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Norfolk Island Transport

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Norfolk Island Distance

Distance to Norfolk Island
• Following are some approximate distances from the Australian mainland to Norfolk Island:
• Brisbane (east south-east) 1,456
Sydney (east north-east) 1,610
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
The Australian Automotive Motoring Associations also offer select access to travel trip planners.

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Norfolk Island Other Links

• Norfolk Island Community/Local Government Links
• Norfolk Island Community Links
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