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Wallaga Lake

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Wallaga Lake
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Wallaga Lake is located on the western shores and is part of the catchment of Wallaga Lake. The entrance to the lake is usually located along the northern side of Murunna Point. The lake is fed by a number of small fresh water creeks, notably Narira Creek and Dignams Creek. The lake itself varies between 3 and 6 meters deep over most of its area, with deeper water of up to 8 metres north of Merriman Island (centre of the lake).

Source: Dept of Natural Resources: Estuaries in NSW - Wallaga Lake

Wallaga Lake and surroundings provide a wonderful place to enjoy a number of aquatic activities including swimming, sailing, and water-skiing, with a few beaches and a number of shallow bays and sheltered inlets.

Along with Bermagui, Wallaga Lake has also long been known as a fishermen's paradise. There are also endless places for bushwalking and enjoying nature, all under the imposing presence of Mount Dromedary. The fauna in the area includes potoroos, koalas, bandicoots, swamp wallabies, and a huge number of bird species.

The former Wallaga Lake National Park and Goura Nature Reserve were incorporated into Gulaga National Park.

Wallaga Lake was formed when two river valleys were flooded at the end of the Great Ice Age and the river mouths were blocked by a large sandbar. It was frequented by Aborigines for thousands of years and there are many ancient human relics, including a number of middens on the lake's foreshores. All are protected by law.

Access to Merriman Island, in the middle of the lake, is forbidden due to its great significance for indigenous communities. It was the first place to be gazetted as an Aboriginal site. A focus of tribal culture the island is associated with the story of King Merriman, widely known amongst the Aborigines of the south coast.

According to legend King Merriman lived on the island while his people lived on the shores of the lake. His power derived from his ability to understand a black duck, his moojingarl, which forewarned him of forthcoming dangers. One day it told him of a group of warriors coming from the far south to do battle. King Merriman remained on the island while the other men took the women and children to a place of safety and then hid in the reeds. The first to sight the approaching warriors the King warned his men who fought a fierce battle but lost. The opposing tribesmen then set out for the island. King Merriman threw powerful spears, and a boomerang which severed the arms and heads of his opponents before returning to him, but it was not enough. He then turned himself into a whirlwind and flew off. He passed over the fierce Kiola tribe and their wise men correctly divined his presence and that it meant the defeat of the Wallaga people and the advance of another tribe. King Merriman journeyed on to the Shoalhaven tribe to warn them but the Kiola tribe defeated the invaders and the King, whose power was finished, stayed for a time at the Shoalhaven then travelled away.

Source NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service

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Wallaga Lake Distance

Distance to Wallaga Lake
• Following are some approximate distances by road to Wallaga Lake:
• Bega 60
• Bermagui 13
• Cobargo 19
• Cooma 158
• Merimbula 92
• Montague Island 19
• Narooma 20
• Quaama 30
• Sydney 362
• Tilba Tilba 3
Distances given are only approximation, they should be verified with the appropriate maps.
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