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Bourke Map

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Bourke Info

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This map is not to scale. View the pdf version of the Bourke map.

Maps of Australia, including maps for states/territories, and a variety of Australian regions are sometimes available from the local bookshops and newsagencies within the locality. There are also some online map resources such as Google Earth. Other sources for getting printed maps include the various Australian motoring associations, and possibly your state/territory transport body.

If you are visiting a national park, the relevant Parks and Wildlife Services will have simplified maps of the individual national parks available from their parks offices, visitor centre and their websites. Most tourist visitor information centres at your destination often have maps or can direct you to where you can purchase maps of the area.

Another great resource for ‘journey planners’ and maps are your motoring associations (within Australia), most should have an online travel planner or trip planner functionality, although some may require you be a member of the association.

Maps can be also be purchased through the relevant government department or body such as the NSW Government Land & Property Information.

Department of Lands, Panorama Ave, Bathurst NSW 2795 © 1997Map of Bourke (small) - Source: Department of Lands, Panorama Ave, Bathurst NSW 2795 © 1997

Source: Department of Lands, Panorama Ave, Bathurst NSW 2795 © 1997

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