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New South Wales, Australia

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Please note that this map is not to scale, but is provided to give you an indication of the locality of certain islands along the east coast of New South Wales. North of New South Wales is the Queensland border, south is the Victoria’s border. To the west is the South Australia border and to the east is the Tasman Sea.

This is not a definitive list of islands for New South Wales, if we have missed any, please feel free to email us the additions. If you have information to write about the island, you can send that in and if it is accepted, we will put your name as the contributor. Images are also welcomed.

Region 1
Clarence River / Clarence Coast
— the Clarence River starts from the Queensland border, flowing south and north-east until it reaches the Pacific Ocean at Yamba/Iluka. The river system includes a number of river islands:
  • Araiel Island
  • Arris Island
  • Ashby Island
    — located near the coast, near Ashby.
  • Bolorobo Island
  • Chatsworth Island
  • Corokos Island
  • Dart Island
  • Freeburn Island
    — near the mouth of the Clarence River.
  • Goodwood Island
    — near the mouth of the Clarence River.
  • Harwood Island
  • Hickey Island
  • Micalo Island
    — located in the Clarence Estuary
  • Palmers Island
    — located in the Clarence Estuary
  • Periko Island
  • Rabbit Island
  • Romiaka Island
  • Sleeper Island
  • Thorny Island
  • Tomayen Island
  • Wangainan Island
  • Whyna Island
  • Woodford Island
Region 2
Central Coast
  • Bird Island (Bird Island Nature Reserve)
  • Pulbar Island (Pulbar Island Nature Reserve)

Brisbane Water

Hawkesbury River

Mid North Coast

Port Macquarie Region

Port Stephens Region

Region 3
Sydney South


Region 4
  • Belowla Island Nature Reserve
  • Bowen Island
  • Brush Island Nature Reserve
  • Dawsons Islands
  • O'Hara Island
Shoalhaven River
  • Pig Island (Nowra)
  • Comerong Island
    — located at the mouth of the Shoalhaven River into the Tasman Sea.
Region 5
Map of New South Wales Island Location
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