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New South Wales

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NSW Rivers

New South Wales, Australia

NSW Rivers

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New South Wales have a number of major rivers that crisscross the state, some crossing state/territory borders, feeding into lakes and dams, before heading towards the coast and out into the oceans.

Here, we have listed some of the major rivers in NSW and links to related resources. We also have a map image that includes some of the major rivers (please note that this map is not to scale, but is provided to give you an indication of the main rivers to be found in New South Wales).

There are a number of sources where you can get maps of Australia, including maps for states/territories, and a variety of Australian regions that include rivers, lakes and dams, whether it is online maps or printed maps.

Printed maps are sometimes available from the local bookshops, newsagencies and service stations. The relevant parks and wildlife services will have simplified maps of the individual national parks available from their parks offices, visitor centre and their website. Most tourism visitor centres at your destination often have maps or can direct you to where you can purchase maps of the area.

New South Wales Rivers

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Barwon River

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Hastings River

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Macleay River

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Shoalhaven River

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Map of Main Rivers of NSW - Source: Department of Lands, Panorama Ave, Bathurst NSW 2795 © 1997

Source: The former Department of Lands - see Land and Property Information


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