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Living in Alice Springs in the Central Australia, the chances of seeing reptiles are that much higher. Even in town, as you walk around, you catch the sound of something scurrying away as you approach. But it's not only humans that reptiles are wary of, there are also the numerous birds that consider them a tasty morsel.

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This gecko was one of a number that appeared at night, feeding on insects that were attracted to our fly screen due to the light within the house. This one came inside our home in Alice Springs. They appear quiet dark except when you shine a light or flash on to it. This gecko must have lost its tail at some stage, because the tail looks like a re-grown tail.

If you know the type of gecko this is just drop us a line with the name.
Gecko © Colin Leel, October 2006

Gecko © Colin Leel, October 2006

Gecko © Colin Leel, October 2006

Gecko © Colin Leel, October 2006

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