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Rain in Alice

Alice Springs - Northern Territory, Australia Travel

Alice Springs
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Alice Springs Info

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Located in the arid heart of Central Australia, Alice Springs climate is renowned for the sunny days. Except for the occasional dust storm, most days are filled with blue skies.

Rainfall is a rare occurrence in Central Australia compared to other parts of the continent, yet when it does rain and depending on the storm severity, the amount of rainfall and where the rain does fall in the region, the rain can bring flash floods and torrents, with the deluge sweeping through formerly dry channels and sandy riverbeds. Such an event can fill the usually dry Todd River, whilst locals come out to enjoy the spectacle of a flowing river.

Following are some images of the unusual wet weather conditions.

After the rain the claypans fill with water - January 2010
The rain over the first week and a half of January, 2010, saw not only the Todd River flowing but the claypans south of the West MacDonnell Ranges also fill with water. This is a popular scenic locale set against the backdrop of the ranges, especially for the locals with their dogs.

Check out some of the Anzac Hill on a rainy daywaterways in Alice that feed into the Todd River and Todd River images for the same rainy period.
Local enjoying the water in the claypans south of the ranges in Alice Springs.

Enjoying the recent rain collected in the claypans south of the ranges in Alice Springs.

Alice Springs locals enjoying the water in Central Australia.

Swimming in the claypans south of Alice Springs.

Fun and frivolity in the claypans at the foothills of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Enjoyable moment in the water.

Water in the claypans south of the West MacDonnell Ranges.

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