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Alice Springs Cultural Precinct

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AS Cultural Precinct
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Alice Springs Cultural Precinct
Cnr Larapinta Drv & Memorial Ave

Ph: 08 8951 1120 • Email • Disabled accessible services.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Araluen Cultural Precinct’, as the Araluen Arts Centre is one of the featured attractions, the ‘Alice Springs Cultural Precinct’ offers a number of fascinating attractions in the one unique location. A single entry fee provides an experience encompassing visual and performing arts, Aboriginal culture, heritage and natural history. Check out some of our images from the precinct.

Alice Springs Cultural Precinct Images

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Mural - Icons and Symbols
Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri is remembered in a mural of his work. The original painting was commissioned through Papunya Tula Artists P/L by the Araluen Trust. Based on a painting of Central Australian landscapes that Clifford Possum did in 1984, local artist Bob and Kaye Kessing with the assistance of students from Yirara College and friends, worked on the original mural, under Possum's supervision, in 1985.

Exposure to the elements over time, caused fading, with water damage occurring behind the rendering. 2008 saw the restoration of the mural by the same artists Bob and Kaye Kessing, who were joined in re-painting the mural by Pauline Clack, Henry Schreiner, Julie Birdis and Geoffrey Robinson. The restoration was carried out under the supervision of Tjapaltjarri’s son, Lionel Possum Tjungarrayi.

Following are the examples of the symbols used and the interpretation.

Aboriginal icon and symbols - water soakage
water soakage
Aboriginal icon and symbols - men and/or women sitting down
men and/or women sitting down
Aboriginal icon and symbols - windbreak
Aboriginal icon and symbols - travel lines
travel lines
Aboriginal icon and symbols - ininti bean necklace
ininti bean necklace
Aboriginal icon and symbols - digging sticks
digging sticks
Aboriginal icon and symbols - yalka
Aboriginal icon and symbols - coolamon

Aboriginal icon and symbols - spinifex

Aboriginal icon and symbols - kadaitcha men
kadaitcha men
Aboriginal icon and symbols - rock wallaby men
rock wallaby men
Aboriginal icon and symbols - body painting
body painting
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (symbols)
To find out more information about symbols used in Australian Indigenous Art, check out our Aboriginal - Symbols, Icons and Imagery.
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