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Painted Finch (Emblema pictum)

Often seen in flocks comprising 5 to 25 individuals, these gregarious small birds (about 10 to 11 cm in length) can be heard noisily chattering away as they feed on grass seeds, and near water.

They are identifiable with crimson face, crimson streak on the underpart and base of tail feathers, white spots on black breast and flanks, brown upper part. They have a slender pointed beak with a reddish colouration on the lower part of the beak, tinging the tip of the upper part of the beak. The male of the species have the crimson colouration extend down from the face to the throat and a larger crimson streak on the centre of the breast.

Painted Finch

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Painted Finch (Emblema pictum)
Male Painted Finch

Painted Finch (Emblema pictum)
Female Painted Finch

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