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Alice Springs Desert Park - Images

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AS Desert Park
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Yellow Tails
(Ptilotus nobilis)

Other name: Broad Foxtail, Regal Foxtail

Distinguished from other Ptilotus, by its yellow-green flower spikes, that can lengthened its cylindrical shape up to 20 cm and 5 cm in diameter. When fresh, the flower spikes are intensely fragrant. Flowering period is usually between winter to summer.

Growing on red sandy soils and rocky hillsides, they are found in Central Australia, South Australia, parts of outback New South Wales, extending jus across the border into Queensland. Also seen growing in limited areas in Western Australia.

Yellow Tails

Yellow Tails (Ptilotus nobilis)

Yellow Tails (Ptilotus nobilis)

Yellow Tails (Ptilotus nobilis)

Yellow Tails (Ptilotus nobilis)

Yellow Tails (Ptilotus nobilis)

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