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Alice Springs Waterhole

For 20,000 years before the arrival of Europeans, Eastern Arrernte Aboriginal people inhabited this area around the Lhere Mparntwe (Todd River). The semi permanent waterhole ‘Thereyurre’ and nearby soakages supported large groups of people, particularly in dry times.

A decade after Stuart, survey and construction parties working on the telegraph line modified his original route which passed through the ranges 45 km to the west of this site. On 11 March 1871, William Whitfield Mills, overseer of a telegraph line construction party was

“...successful in finding a pass, and springs, the principal of which is the Alice Spring which I had the honour of naming after Mrs Todd...”

At Alice Spring the telegraph station settlement was built close to Arrernte living and ceremonial grounds.

Source: Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve Signage

Alice Springs Telegraph Station Images

This waterhole was named “Alice Springs” - Commemorative Plaque

This waterhole was named “Alice Springs” by the Overland
Telegraph Surveyor, W. W. Mills, who found it on the 11th March, 1871
and named it after the wife of Charles Todd who was Postmaster
General and Superintendent of Telegraphs.

The waterhole was known to the Aboriginals as Turiara
and it and the general area were important camping and
ceremonial grounds of the Arunta Tribe.

Erected by the Northern Territory Reserves Board
January 1964

Lionel Rose, Chairman

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