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Alice Springs Bangtail Muster - Images

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Bangtail Muster
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Alice Springs Bangtail Muster - Cities, Towns and Localities

Bangtail Muster

• Rotary Club of Alice Springs
• Usually held on the first Monday in May

Annual event that first began in 1959 to celebrate the ties between Alice Springs and the cattle industry and was a tribute to the pastoral heritage of Central Australia. Cattlemen would cut off the hairy end of the animal’s tail after they were mustered to give them an overall animal count.

Today the event is part of the history of the Alice, and each year the organisers of the parade, the Rotary Club of Alice Springs, promote a theme for the parade (2004 was sport, 2005 was water and 2006 was Aussie Heroes). The parade passes through the town centre and ends with a family entertainment/concert.

Alice Springs Bangtail Muster - 2006

Bangtail Muster 2006
Waiting for the parade...

Bangtail Muster 2006
I think its a bird...

Bangtail Muster 2006
I'm not sure about this emu... 

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