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The Gathering Garden

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Gathering Garden
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Gathering Garden - Alice Springs - Cities, Towns and Localities
The Coolamons

Traditionally the coolamon is used to carry babies, food and water. Here in the gathering garden it is used as a metaphor to describe the collection of different cultures and stories.

The four corners of the Gathering Garden each contain a pair of sculpted bronze coolamon forms flipped over to form the seating. As the garden grows, the native plants will provide plenty of shade. Each pair of coolamons encircle a local granite slab, each containing a paragraph on the history of Alice Springs.

Images From The Gathering Garden

Marie Ellis, Michael Nelson, Roseanne Ellis
Marie Ellis, Michael Nelson, Roseanne Ellis

Miss Olive Muriel Pink dedication.

Miss Olive Muriel Pink anthropologist and conservationist was an advocate for Aboriginal rights and land rights who lived in Alice Springs from 1935-1975. On Gregory Terrace Pink lived in a hut and grew grape vines, flowers, mandarin, lemon and orange trees. In 1956 Pink established the Australian Arid Regions Native Flora Reserve.

Bronze coolamon - nyinakati ~ come, sit, be (translation)
Western Desert - Pitjantjatjara and Luritja languages: nyinakati ~ come, sit, be (translation)

Bronze coolamon - arrernelhyaye ~ come, sit, be (translation)
Arrernte language: arrernelhyaye ~ come, sit, be (translation)
‘come, sit, be’ - translation from the Indigenous language of the region.
The indigenous languages of Arrernte, Anmatyerr, Warlpiri, Pitjantjatjara and Luritja is represented in the inscription on the bronze cast coolamon seats. Translation being ‘come, sit, be’.
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