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Ilparpa Claypans

Ilparpa Valley - Alice Springs
Northern Territory, Australia Travel

Ilparpa Claypans
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Ilparpa Claypans / Ilparpa Valley - Cities, Towns and Localities
Desert Trilling Frog
Neobatrachus centralis

As one of the most widely distributed of the Australian burrowing frogs, the Trilling Frog is found inhabiting grasslands in arid and semi-arid regions. Also locally known as the Desert Trilling Frog, the following images are those of frog found in the Ilparpa Claypans in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Also locally known as the Desert Trilling Frog, the following images are of the frog having just emerged from aestivation.

The frog eventually loses it dark appearance taking on the fawn, pale yellow or grey on their upper side, with small irregular darker patches. They have vertical pupils, toes fully webbed with deep indentations between the toes. Like most desert frogs, they develop quickly from eggs, to tadpole and to frogs.

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Our thanks to Alice Springs Desert Park - ASDP / NRETA for assistance with identifying this fauna.


describes the period of dormancy that occur during hot, dry periods of the year. Analogous to that of hibernation in winter.
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