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Ilparpa Claypans
- Alice Springs

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Ilparpa Claypans
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Ilparpa Claypans / Ilparpa Valley - Cities, Towns and Localities
Shield shrimp (Triops australiensis)

The claypans filling with water provide the opportunity for a variety of life, including Shield Shrimp.

These crustaceans can be found throughout Central Australia, starting life in ephemeral water ways and claypans. The eggs of the Shield Shrimp can survive long periods without rain, in arid, drought conditions, being blown around by wind, just waiting for the next big rains. Once rain falls, the egg hatches and the shield shrimp grow quickly, feeding off rotting vegetation and other detritus. Once the water has evaporated, the Shield Shrimps die, leaving behind just their eggs, waiting for the next cycle. Shield Shrimps have even been found on the summit of Uluru.

Shield shrimp (Triops australiensis) in the claypans.

Shield shrimp (Triops australiensis) in the claypans.

Shield shrimp (Triops australiensis) in Central Australia.

The underside of the Shield shrimp (Triops australiensis).

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