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Wild Flowers of Central Australia
Massed Flowering in Central Australia

Wildflower season in Australia is often a spectacular affair. Whilst some regions, such as along Australia’s coastlines, can almost assure an annual display of wildflowers, much of Australia’s arid region rely on seasonal rain.

Nowhere is the idea and visual spectacle of wildflowers more astonishing than in the desert region. A region where good seasonal rainfall can transform the outback in a mass of colour, created by thousands of flowering plants. These ephemeral plants are keyed to respond quick to any good rainfall, by growing, flowering and producing seeds. Together with many shrubs and trees, it is a spectacle worth seeing.

Massed flowering of this nature usually lasts only a couple of months at the most, occurring mainly in winter in the northern parts or in spring for the southern parts of Australia.

Wild Flowers in Central Australia

Massed Wild Flower Displays in Central Australia

Massed flowering can often be witnessed from the roadside. Following image was of a collection of flowering plants between Alice Springs and Stuart Wells Roadhouse, along the Stuart Highway. Some of the plants in this area included Wild Stocks (Blennodia canescens), Annual Yellowtops (Senecio gregorii) and Longtails (Ptilotus polystachyus).
Massed flowering of Yellowtops, Wild Stocks and Longtails in Central Australia.
Wild Stock (Blennodia canescens) - Wildflowers of Central Australia.
Wild Stocks
Annual Yellowtop (Senecio gregorii) - Wild flowers of Central Australia.
Annual Yellowtops
Longtails (Ptilotus polystachyus) - Wildflowers of Central Australia.
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