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Finke River System

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Finke River System
Finke River Info
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Finke River System
One of the largest rivers in Central Australia, the Finke River System begins in the MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory. The River starts at the confluence of the Davenport and Ormiston Creeks, just north of popular Glen Helen. It then meanders for some 600 plus kilometres passing through the Finke Gorge National Park and like the Hugh, Palmer and Diamantina rivers all flowing inland, to the western edge of the Simpson Desert in northern part of South Australia and eventually ending up in Lake Eyre.

On-route, the river system passes spectacular scenery, unique flora and fauna, encompassing the very essence of the Finke River System.

Finke River System - Standley Chasm Images

Entrance into Standley Chasm. Waiting for sun to reach its peak at Standley Chasm. Standley Chasm - Pool of water in the main chasm.  
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Finke River System

Recent rain and an overcast day looking across the Finke River now filled with water... Finke River from the overpass road of the Stuart Highway... The chocolate coloured water in the Finke River... More images coming...
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