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Outback Tours Northern Territory

the real back of beyond...

Welcome to tours and attractions for the Northern Territory ‘Outback’ region in Australia. Here you will find a range of travel packages, tours and charters, providing a great way to experience the unique outback.

So where is the outback? For some ‘outback Australia’ can mean anywhere beyond the urban city metropolitan, although it is really anywhere that is inland of Australia and a long way from the coast and ocean. It is where down the road can be a couple hundred kilometres or more.

So what is the outback? It is a place out of which myths have arisen. A place of inspiration for poets, artists and writers. Associated with vast open spaces, it is a place that evokes freedom and spirituality.

The outback is also a place that is home to colourful characters, outback hospitality and Aboriginal people. With vast outback stations and outback towns, it offers the visitor a unique experience.

The outback is more than just red sand and desert, gorges and waterholes, it is centred around Alice Springs spreading out through the vast Central Australia region. It is a region that extends south through the Flinders Ranges, north through the Barkly region, east and west along the fabulous MacDonnell Ranges and beyond. This wonderful outback region crosses borders into Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

So if you are a city slicker or a visitor from overseas, come and explore beyond our main cities, there is much to see here in the heart of the Northern Territory Outback region, a region that encompasses a number of towns, roadhouses and other localities including Alice Springs, Uluru-Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. For the self-drive tourist, you can experience this wonderful region by following the ‘Red Centre Way’. For further information contact your tourist information centre or travel agent.

Many tourist like the freedom of the self-drive tours, but don't forget that there are many guided tours, some of which include the tag-along for those bringing their own vehicles. Some tours and charter operators may be listed here under specific destination. Don’t forget to visit the National Outback link and other categories for more tour operators and check out our Motor Vehicles sections, for local clubs.

Outback Tours - Northern Territory

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Find and book our Northern Territory’s most popular sights, tours, and attractions. Booking ahead with Viator means you won’t miss out on popular tours and attractions.

Start your Alice Springs, Ayers Rock / Uluru and Darwin tours.

Many tours to nearby popular destinations start from Alice Springs and Darwin, taking you to places including Adelaide River, Katherine, Kakadu, Kings Canyon, Litchfield National Park, and West MacDonnell Range.
Alice Springs | Ayers Rock / Uluru | Darwin
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Centre Highlights
• 4/74 Elders St, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870 • Ph: 08 8953 2843 • Freecall: 1800 659 574
Small group tours, outback journeys, Aboriginal experiences, accommodated touring.
Ossies Outback • Alice Springs 4WD Tours
• Ph: +61 8 8952 2308 • Freecall: 1800 628 211 • Fax: +61 8 8952 2211 • Email
3 day 4WD tours and afternoon daily 4WD sunset tour. Check our website for more information.
Outback Experience Tours
• Ph: 08 8953 2666 • Fax: 08 8953 2313 • Email
A variety of tours - full day and half day including, East MacDonnell Ranges Historic Arltunga Full Day Tour, Half Day Tour East MacDonnell Ranges, Leigh Goldsmith’s 4WD Chambers Pillar Full Day Tour.
Tailormade Tours
• Ph: 08 8952 1731 • Freecall: 1800 806 641 • Fax: 08 8952 5483 • Email
Morning half day Western MacDonnell Ranges and Alice Springs Desert Park Tour, Afternoon Town Tour, Full Day 4WD Palm Valley Experience, Evening Outback Bush BBQ, Airport Transfers. Private touring for individuals and small groups in limousines, 4WD’s and touring coaches to 28 seats throughout Central Australia.
Wayoutback • Desert Safaris
• Toll: 1300 551 510 (Bookings within Australia) • Email
Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Palm Valley and West MacDonnell Range. Get away from the crowds with Wayoutback. We specialise in authentic, small group tours for Adventurous travellers. 3 and 5 day safaris (maxi 9 or 13 people). 4 wheel driving, remote bush camps, camp fire cooking, sleeping under the stars.
The Wildway • Rock On! A trip for backpackers!!
• Toll: 1300 720 777 (Bookings within Australia) • Email
3 day tour - Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. Rock bottom prices. The best guide in town, maximum 21 people. Maximum fun, great food. Depart Alice Springs 6:30 am.
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