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Ormiston Gorge Images

West MacDonnell National Park

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Ormiston Gorge & Pound
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West MacDonnell NP

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Ormiston Gorge and Pound - Cities, Towns and Localities
Scientific Name:
Petrogale lateralis

Common Name:
Black-footed Rock Wallaby

Rock Wallabies are no taller than half a metre, and it is their agility and speed as they travel across seemingly sheer cliff faces that amazes many people who are lucky to catch a glimpse of them in movement. When not moving, they blend almost perfectly into the rocky escarpment.

Black-footed Rock Wallaby

The day at Ormiston Gorge had been over 40º and we were seeking some shelter from the relentless sun. We managed to find a small alcove and to our surprise, we found a Black-footed Rock Wallaby sheltering as well.

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Black-footed Rock Wallaby © Colin Leel, October 2007

Black-footed Rock Wallaby © Colin Leel, October 2007

Black-footed Rock Wallaby © Colin Leel, October 2007

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