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Rainbow Valley Images

Wurre / Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

Northern Territory, Australia Travel

Rainbow Valley / Wurre
Rainbow Valley Info
Ancient Landscape

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Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve / Wurre
The colours of Rainbow Valley formed between 80 and 20 million years ago, when central Australia had a warm wet climate.

During this period there was abundant underground water, which dissolve small quantities of iron and silica from the sandstone.

During dry periods, the evaporation of water from the surface caused the underground water and dissolved minerals to be drawn upwards by capillary action. The minerals were deposited at the surface, where the iron formed a thin, colourful veneer over the quartz grains in the sandstone. The silica became a strong cement binding the grains together.

The process, known as laterisation, has helped shape the landscape at Rainbow Valley. The coloured zones form a hard capping that protects the softer white rock from erosion by wind and rain.

Source: NT Parks and Wildlife signage

Rainbow Valley Images

Rainbow Valley taken from the information board lookout.
Rainbow Valley © AusEmade PL, July 2007
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