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Rainbow Valley Images

Wurre / Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

Northern Territory, Australia Travel

Rainbow Valley / Wurre
Rainbow Valley Info
Ancient Landscape

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Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve / Wurre
The Ancient Landscape
If you were here 20 million years ago you'd have been standing on a vast plain covered by a hard red capping up to five metres thick. Underneath was a layer of bleached sandstone which extended down for about 30 metres. It would probably have been raining, as the climate then was much wetter than now. Over time, erosion began to eat into the plain, nibbling away at the bleached zone and undermining the cap rock, which eventually collapsed. Today, except for isolated remnants such as Rainbow Valley, the bleached zone has been removed by wind and water. Its sands now form part of the surrounding dunefield.

A Wealth of Colour

Dark Brown rocks have the richest iron, with no water content.

Red rocks have less iron than the dark brown rocks.

Orange rock results when the iron is bonded with water.

Yellow means the rock probably has less iron than the orange.

White sandstone rock has had most of its iron content removed.

White stains on the rock show nesting or roosting places of small birds of prey.

Blue-green leaves indicate the presence of a waxy coating which guards against water loss.

White clay particles gives the clay pan its bleached appearance.

Yellow spinifex indicates that the country is experiencing a dry period.

Source: NT Parks and Wildlife signage

Rainbow Valley Images

Rainbow Valley taken looking over the normally dried lake bed.
Rainbow Valley © AusEmade PL, July 2007

Signage - Rainbow Valley © AusEmade PL, July 2007

Source: NT Parks and Wildlife signage

© AusEmade PL
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