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Rainbow Valley Images

Wurre / Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

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Rainbow Valley / Wurre
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Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve / Wurre
One of Central Australia’s iconic images, Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve is located about 75 km south of Alice Springs along the Stuart Highway.

These free standing bluffs and cliffs form part of the James Range, producing a striking image for visitors. In front of the bluffs and cliffs is the claypan. During periods of rain, the claypans can fill with water, especially exciting for photographers, capturing the formations reflection in the still waters.

White clay particles mixing with the iron particles produces the colour on the claypan. During the harsh dry periods, the claypan has a bleach appearance under the midday sun.

Captured in many photographs, the best time to view the 'rainbow band' colours is late afternoon.

Rainbow Valley Images

Views across the clay pan at Rainbow Valley.

View across the claypan at Rainbow Valley © AusEmade PL, July 2007

View across the claypan at Rainbow Valley © AusEmade PL, July 2007
© AusEmade PL
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