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Angkerle / Standley Chasm

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Angkerle / Standley Chasm - Cities, Towns and Localities
Welcome to our images from Angkerle / Standley Chasm. A popular tourist destination, and part of the Larapinta Trail, Standley Chasm provides some spectacular photo opportunities, especially an hour either side of when the sun reaches its zenith. It is then that the chasm is showered in brilliant light, making the sheer walls glow in a breath-taking display.

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Standley Chasm Images Index

The Larapinta Trail incorporates Standley Chasm and continues on to Jay Creek (12 km away). The Larapinta Trail - steep ascent up to lookout. The track to Standley Chasm - note the cycads. Standley Chasm - Cycads can be viewed scattered along the cliff face.
Standley Chasm - Cycads can be viewed growing along the track. Entrance into Standley Chasm. Entrance into Standley Chasm. Entering Standley Chasm.
Standley Chasm - Pool of water in the main chasm. Standley Chasm - Pool of water in the main chasm. View north through Standley Chasm with the pool in the foreground. Standley Chasm - View north, with flora and young trees growing on cliff face and pool in foreground.
Waiting for sun to reach its peak at Standley Chasm. View north through Standley Chasm. View looking upwards in Standley Chasm. View south through Standley Chasm.
Flora found on the walking track at Standley Chasm Spearbush (Pandorea doratoxylon) - Standley Chasm, Northern Territory, Australia (May 2006) Holly Grevillea (Grevillea wickhamii)  
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