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Please note that this map is not to scale, but is provided to give you an indication of the locality of certain islands in the Northern Territory. West of the Northern Territory is Western Australia, to the south is South Australia, and to the east is Queensland. The three ocean bodies surrounding the top end are the Timor Sea to the north-west, theArafura Sea to the north, and the Gulf of Carpentaria to the east.

Please note that this is not a definitive list of islands in the Northern Territory, if we have missed any, please feel free to email us the additions. If you have information to write about the Island, you can send that to us and if it is accepted, we will put your name as the contributor. Images are also welcomed.

Map of Northern Territory Islands
Region 1
Crab Claw Island
• Dorcherty Island
• Indian Island
• Grose Island
• Peron Island North
• Peron Island South
• Quoin Island
Region 2
Bathurst Island
• Barron Island
• East Vernon Island
• Endyalgout Island
• Field Island
• Greenhill Island
• Karslake Island
Melville Island
• Morse Island
• NW Vernon Island
• Seagull Island
• SW Vernon Island
Tiwi Islands (Bathurst & Melville)
Region 3
• Alger Island
• Bremer Island
• Bromby Islands
• Croker Island
• Cunningham Islands
• Darch Island
• Drysdale Island
• Elcho Island
• The English Companys Islands
• Goulburn Islands
• Grant Island
• Guluwuru Island
• Howard Island
• Inglis Island
• Mallison Island
• Marchinbar Island
• McCluer Island
• Mooroongga Island
• New Year Island
• North West Crocodile Island
• Oxley Island
• Probable Island
• Rabuma Island
• Raragala Island
• Rimbija Island
• Stevens Island
• Truant Island
• Valencia Island
• Wessel Islands
Region 4
• Bickerton Island
• Burney Island
• Centre Island
• Chasm Island
• Edward Island
• Groote Eylandt
• Hawk Island
• Isle Woodah
• Maria Island
• Morgan Island
• Nicol Island
• North East Isles
• North Island
• Sir Edward Pellew Group
• South West Island
• Vanderlin Island
• Watson Island
• West Island
• Winchelsea Island
Detailed maps can be obtained from Visitor Information Centres, news agencies, motor association, bookshops etc.
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