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Images from the Northern Territory, Australia
Welcome to AusEmade photos and images of Australia. In this section we will be bringing snapshots from the Northern Territory. Typically known as either the 'Top End' and 'Darwin', or 'Central Australia' and 'Alice Springs', there is plenty of wonderful locations and attractions, offering spectacular scenery and interesting activities.

The Northern Territory (shortened to NT), is an interesting region of Australia to explore, with some iconic imageries and memorable festivals and events. No matter the climatic conditions, whether it is the wet or the dry in the tropical Top End, or the arid desert, punctuated with bush fires and flooding rains, in Central Australia, visitors will be sure to have some special memories to capture.

Following are some snapshots of this region, with images displayed in a more widescreen format that captures the beauty of the country around us.

Each page will provide links back to the main site, linking to the appropriate destination with more information. As the file size of the images shown here are larger than standard, for those on a slower connection, they may take a little longer to download.

We hope you enjoy what you see and keep coming back, as we grow 'Snapshots from Australia'.

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Central Australia

Check out our images for Central Australia.
Chambers Pillar Historical Reserve © Greg Sully / Ausemade Pty Ltd
Chambers Pillar
Ilparpa Claypans © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Ilparpa Claypans
Mount Gillen, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Mount Gillen
The Ochre Pits © Greg Sully
Ochre Pits
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Olive Pink Botanic Garden
Water continue to flow through Palm Valley © Greg Sully, 2010
Palm Valley

Kings Canyon - Central Australia

Check out our images for the Watarrka National Park.
View up to the Rim of Kings Canyon from the Kings Creek Walk Lookout.
Kings Canyon
Kings Creek River crossing entering Kings Canyon.
Kings Canyon
Aerial views over Watarrka National Park and Kings Canyon.
Kings Canyon
A great way to view the Watarrka National Park is from the air.
Views from the air
Carmichael Crag located at the end of George Gill Range is a sacred women's site of the local Luritja People.
Carmichael Crag
Centralian Tree Frog at Kings Canyon.
Flora and Fauna at Kings Canyon
Perentie at Kings Canyon Resort
Wildlife at Kings Canyon

Owen Springs Reserve - Central Australia

Old Owen Springs Homestead
Old Owen Springs Homestead and Ruins
White Paper Daisy (Rhodanthe floribunda) © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Wildflowers in Owen Springs Reserve
Wildflowers line the dirt road through Owen Springs Reserve
Flora in Owen Springs Reserve
Redbank Waterhole, a popular spot for bush camping © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Redbank Waterhole

Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

Late afternoon shadows across Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve
Late afternoon shadows across Rainbow Valley
Sunset over Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve
Sunset over Rainbow Valley
Holly Grevillea (Grevillea wickhamii)
Holly Grevillea

Uluru - Kata Tjuta - Central Australia

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 

West MacDonnell Range - Central Australia

West MacDonnell Range © Ausemade Pty Ltd
West MacDonnell Range
Aerial Views over West MacDonnell Range © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Aerial Views over West MacDonnell Range
Centralian Green Frog at Simpsons Gap © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Simpsons Gap
Standley Chasm © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Standley Chasm
Glen Helen Gorge and Waterhole © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Glen Helen Gorge
Aerial view over Finke River that flows through Glen Helen Gorge © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Aerial view over Finke River.
Mount Sonder / Rwetyepme © Dorothy Latimer
Mount Sonder

Wildlife - Alice Springs - Central Australia

Check out our images for the Wildlife in Central Australia.
Perentie (Varanus giganteus) © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Red Kangaroo © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Red Kangaroo
Newly emerged adult cicada (Orange Drummer) © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Thorny Devil (Moloch horridus) © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Thorny Devil
Splendid Fairy-wren (Malurus splendens) © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Splendid Fairy-wren
Long-nosed Dragon © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Long-nosed Dragon
Black-breasted Buzzard © Ausemade Pty Ltd
Black-breasted Buzzard
Dingo © Ausemade Pty Ltd

Fun - Central Australia

Dingo cooling down at Alice Springs Beach in Central Australia.
Alice Springs Beach...
When is he gonna leave home...
Relaxing in Alice Springs...
Photos © Ausemade Pty Ltd
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