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Cairns Suburbs Areas

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Cairns Map Index
As the international gateway into the Tropical Far North Queensland, Cairns attracts visitors from around the world.

Following is a list of suburbs for Cairns Councils Planning Areas. Where available, they will link direct to the Accommodation and Cairns Accommodation page.

To view other information visit the Attractions and Queensland Towns and Cities page.

Click here to view a list of the Cairns Suburbs.

Areas 1
Cairns Beaches
Areas 2
Areas 3
Redlynch Valley
Areas 4
• Clifton Beach
Ellis Beach
Kewarra Beach
Palm Cove
Trinity Beach

The Cairns Beaches District is characterised by a narrow coastal plain flanked on the east by tropical beaches and on the west by steep, forested hillslopes. Earl Hill, Taylor Point and Buchans Point are dominant features of the coastline. 

• Barron
• Caravonica
Holloways Beach
• Machans Beach
• Smithfield
• Trinity Park
Yorkeys Knob

The dominant features of the District are the wetlands adjacent to the coastline and waterways; the floodplain of the Barron Delta with its extensive cane fields; and the view across the floodplain to the Barron Gorge and the forested hillslopes of the Kuranda Range.  

• Kamerunga
• Redlynch

The upper section of the Redlynch Valley is characterised by Freshwater Creek bounded closely on both sides by steep, forested hillsides. The lower section of the Valley opens out to the floodplains of Freshwater Creek and the Barron River. 

• Aeroglen
• Freshwater
• Stratford

The District is characterised by the backdrop of the Mount Whitfield Environmental Park and the outlook across the Barron Delta. The region includes the Cairns International Airport. 

Areas 5
Inner Suburbs
Areas 6
CBD-North Cairns
Areas 7
Portsmith-Woree Industrial
Areas 8
White Rock-Edmonton
• Bayview Heights
• Brinsmead
• Bungalow
• Earlville
• Kanimbla
• Manunda
• Mooroobool
• Paramatta Park
• Westcourt
• Whitfield
• Woree

The natural features of the District are the remnant areas of the Cairns Central Swamp and the hillslopes of the Whitfield Range in the north and west of the District. 

• Cairns City Centre
North Cairns

The CBD-North Cairns District is characterised by both natural and man-made features. The waters of Trinity Inlet and Trinity Bay, the mangroves fringing the eastern side of the Inlet and the forested hillslopes beyond are the dominant natural features of the outlook from the CBD and North Cairns. The Esplanade Parkland offer includes pedestrian and bicycle links along the Esplanade to the Cityport Precinct in the south-east and to the Flecker Botanic Gardens and Centenary Lakes in the north-west, providing a major recreational facility. 

• Portsmith
• Woree

The Portsmith-Woree Industrial Precinct incorporates the existing major industrial area of the city, and includes the Cairns Seaport. There are significant mangrove/wetland areas adjacent to Chinaman Creek and Smith's Creek, which are part of the Trinity Inlet ecosystem. 

• Bentley Park
• Edmonton
• Mount Sheridan
• White Rock

The White Rock Edmonton District is one of the major urban growth areas of the city. The District is located between the wetlands of the upper reaches of the Trinity Inlet and the dominant hillslopes of the coastal ranges. A number of waterways flow generally from west to east across the District. 

Areas 9
Areas 10
Areas 11
Rural Lands
Areas 12
The Islands
• Goldsborough
• Gordonvale

The Gordonvale-Goldsborough District is characterised by the natural features of the Mulgrave River, the Pyramid and the adjacent ranges; as well as by cane fields, the sugar mill and the commercial centre surrounding Norman Park in the centre of Gordonvale. 

• Babinda

The township of Babinda is dominated by steep, forested hillslopes to the west; cane fields to the north, east and south; and by the sugar mill located within the township. The Boulders swimming hole on Babinda Creek is a popular recreational spot. 

• Aloomba
• Bramston Beach
• Deeral
• Fishery Falls
• Giangurra
• Miriwinni
• Mount Peter
• Russel Heads
• Second Beach
• Wooroonooran
• Wrights Creek

The Rural Lands District incorporates the lowland areas of the Mulgrave and Russell River Valleys; the rainforested coastal ranges; and the wetlands and coastline extending from Russell Heads to Bramston Beach. The District contains significant natural areas important to the conservation of biodiversity. Many of these areas are included in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. 

• Double Island
• Fitzroy Island
• Frankland Islands
• Haycock Island
• High Island
• Little Fitzroy Island
• Green Island

These islands area a significant recreational resource with Double Island, Green Island, Fitzroy Island providing facilities and services for the tourist. The smaller islands of Haycock, High and the Frankland Islands offering nature-based recreation. 

Source: Cairns City Council - Cairns Plan
Key Map of the Cairns Districts
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