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Cooktown Tours

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Cooktown - Cities, Towns and Localities
Cooktown is the place where the enormous Australian Outback, the magnificent Rainforests and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef meet and the starting point of the Cape.

Situated on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula, just 4 hours drive north of Cairns, you can explore Cooktown's pioneering history, indigenous significance, Daintree and Lakefield National Parks, its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and the rest of Cape York, making it a must visit destination.

Cooktown offers a wide range of tours and accommodation options to visitors. Check out our listing of attractions and events.

Cooktown Tours/Charters

QLD Tours • Outback • Eco • Adventure • National Tours
Ahoy! Plain Sailing Seaplanes
• COOKTOWN QLD 4895 • Ph: +61 7 4069 5232 • Mobile: 0434 848 232 • Email
• Formerly known as Marine Air seaplanes, Ahoy! Plane sailing Seaplanes has been operating since 1972 and have proven to be the safest, friendliest and most informative tour operators in far north Queensland.

The only seaplane operator north of Cairns and the only aviation operator in Australia with Marine Ecotourism Accreditation.

Our Charter is to provide our guests, both Australian and our international friends, with an informative and enjoyable look at one of the great wonders of the world. Use the links above or contact us for details and current prices.
Barts Bush Adventures
• COOKTOWN QLD 4895 • Ph/Fax: +61 7 4069 6229 • Email (online form)
• Bart’s Bush Adventures offers personalised, small group 4 Wheel Drive tours for intrepid travellers. Guests have the opportunity to gain an insight into the rich spirit, history and diversity of the Cooktown Region with Bart, an accredited Savannah Guide, qualified zookeeper & World Heritage Tour Operator.
The Bama Way
• Ph: +61 7 4053 7001 • Email
• Travel The Bama Way and experience Cape York through the eyes of the people who have been its custodians for tens of thousands of years. The Bama Way is an Aboriginal journey through South Eastern Cape York, from Cairns to north of Cooktown, following story-lines through the two Aboriginal nations of the Kuku Yalanji and Guugu Yimithirr peoples.

The Bama Way links three Aboriginal-owned tours operated by the traditional custodians of the local area. Each tour provides a unique experience which will teach you about different facets of Aboriginal culture. You can go on all the tours, or just one….drive yourself, fly, or take a fully escorted trip with an Aboriginal driver/guide. The choice is yours – but please do come. Become part of the story!
Cooktown Fishing Adventures • Mr Bill
• Ph: +61 7 4069 5500 • Mobile: 0407 138 016 • Satellite Ph: 0409 696 775 • Email (online form)
• Cooktown Fishing Adventures is a locally owned business operating out of Cooktown just 3 ฝ hours drive from Cairns on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. Our experienced skipper and energetic crew have been fishing the waters off Cooktown for over 20 years.

Whether you want to fish for the beautiful Coral Trout, the sought after Red Emperor, the sporting Spanish Mackerel or even the mighty Black Marlin, Cooktown Fishing Adventures will offer you the most unforgettable experience of a life-time!
Guurrbi Tours
• COOKTOWN QLD 4895 • Ph: +61 7 4069 6043 • Email (online form)
• Willie, the traditional story-teller of the Nugal-warra clan, takes guests to his ancestral rock art sites, set high in the hills above Hope Vale, outside Cooktown. Here he shares the stories behind the art, and explains how the paintings speak of the essence of life and the lores of his people.

With his great smile and infectious laugh, Willie gives an amazing insight into Aboriginal society, and shows how we all have a spiritual place, wherever we come from.

“This is not just about Aboriginal rock art. It is about the present and the future and how we live.”
Maaramaka Tours
• McIvor Rd, HOPE VALE QLD 4895
• Cooktown Booking Centre • Ph: +61 7 4069 5381
• Irene & Gerry Hammett • Ph: +61 7 4060 9389 • Mobile: 0429 626 290 • Email (online form)
• Maaramaka Walkabout Tours operates in a beautiful tranquil bushland setting. Walk into the fruitful rainforest which is a source of many different kinds of foods and learn what the Guugu Yimithirr people used various trees, vines, seeds and fruit for.

Maaramaka Walkabout Tours invites you to come walkabout with them through their traditional country and learn what Nature's Storehouse has to offer. We are 30-45 min drive from historical Cooktown.
Paradise Blue
• COOKTOWN QLD 4895 • Mobile: 0408 183 261 • Email
• We would like to invite you, to join us for an adventure in tropical paradise. Sailing the Great Barrier Reef on the luxurious yacht Paradise Blue in Far North Queensland Australia to Ribbon Reef, Flinders Island group or off shore from Lizard Island, Hope Island and Nymph Island, these are the magical names of the Far North tropical waters.

Far from the crowds in pristine waters you can choose to go Diving or Snorkeling for your own close encounters with the myriad of marine life. With the Great Barrier Reef home to such places as the ribbon reefs, destination is only 35 Nautical miles east of Cooktown ...this means you can be diving 5 hours after we have left Cooktown on the Outer Barrier Reef.
Reef and River Charters • Cooktown Catch A Crab
• COOKTOWN QLD 4895 • Ph: +61 7 4069 6289 • Mobile: 0418 643 272 • Email (online form)
• Welcome to Cooktown where the rainforest meets the reef. Make the most of your visit to Cooktown by taking a trip on the water with Nicko, your highly experienced reef and river expert. You will be in safe hands while you fish, crab, snorkel and sightsee the pristine local river system and the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. Relax and enjoy personalised reef and river tours, refreshments are provided on all tours, along with bait and tackle on all fishing tours, and equipment is provided on all snorkelling and dive tours.

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Cooktown Transport

Transport: National • QLD
There are a number of tours, car hire and other transport services based in Cairns that may operate to Cooktown and beyond. A couple of local accommodation also provide a limited range of vehicles for hire to guests.

There is a shuttle service operating from Cooktown Airport. Airport Shuttle schedule (pdf) available from the Cook Shire website...

For more transport information, visit the QLD Transport and National Transport section.

Cooktown Car Hire
• Milkwood Lodge Rainforest Retreat, Annan Rd, COOKTOWN QLD 4895
• Ph: 07 4069 5007 • Email (online form)
• Explore the Bush with Cooktown Car Hire 4x4's. Cooktown Car Hire offers you 2 great hire choices. Ask about our discounts for Milkwood Lodge guests.
Cooktown Taxi
• Ph: 07 4069 54387
Country Road Coachlines
• Express Bus Services, 27-29 Avendale St, EDMONTON QLD 4869
• Ph: 07 4045 2794 • Email (online form)
• We are a Far North Queensland's scheduled long distance express passenger and freight service.
Our services include:
  • Coastal Service - Cairns to Cooktown via Port Douglas and Cape Tribulation
  • Inland Service - Cairns to Cooktown via Kuranda Range, Mareeba & Lakeland Downs

• Freecall: 1800 818 405 (within Australia)
• Connecting Cairns with a number of remote locations including Cooktown, Karumba, Aurukun, Coen, Cooktown, Lockhart River, Palm Island and Townsville (see website for up-to-date list of destinations). Flights can be booked online. Skytrans also offers extensive charter service throughout Australia and the South Pacific.
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Cooktown Other Links

• Cooktown Community/Local Government Links
• Cooktown Community Links
• Cooktown Related Links
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